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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    Germantown - Target had Anakin fighter, WM as always
    Gaithersburg - Target had Anakin fighter TRU nothing as usual, Kmart had Durge and Clone speeder bikes

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    Finally something new for me. Red ARC Trooper at Hagerstown WM. 4 there all beat up. I took one for me & one for my son (we were Christmas shopping after all!). When my wife & I were leaving they were bringing out new stock of stuff & I felt like Christmas morning. Alas, the boss made me leave before they were opened so I'm not sure if the got CW Wave 2 in or not!

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    WhiteMarsh Target(near mall) had plenty of A-wings over section yesterday if anyone's still lookin'. Has anyone found concept stormtrooper wave yet...It seems we're getting closer to arrival time in this area.
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    McQuarrie Stormtrooper

    The Target in Gaithersburg had maybe 2 cases of the concept stormtrooper today...filled up almost half the pegs. Had to buy two, one to keep and one to open. Looks pretty good with saber and shield.
    The KB at Pentagon City had quite a few Durge and Trooper bikes, as well as red clone trooper set. Now just need the green ones.

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    The Staunton Wal-Mart had quite a few of the red Clone Troopers today. I picked up a couple, one carded and one for my loose collection.

    Is there anyone on this forum from the Staunton/Harrisonburg/Charlottesville area?

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    Red ARC Trooper

    Germantown: Target - Red ARC Trooper
    WM - Worst Wal-Mart ever same 4 pegwarmers for 6 weeks
    Gaithersburg: TRU 3 of 4 lego sets wave 3

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    Picked up Bail, Tatooine Padme, Outlander Obi-Wan, twillik girl and dignitary # 1 at Westminster Walmart this evening. I was surprised they had anything new since the pegs are clogged with Clone Wars wave 1.

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    Found all the new Lego at the TRU in Frederick including the New Lego Snowspeeder which I haven't seen reported.

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    Major Karr--thanks man! Scored the last Red ARC at Germantown Target this morning. They also had the remnants of the Bail Organa wave. Obi, Elan, Ayy, Stormtrooper and an Imperial Dignatary. No Padme.


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    Finally got my hands on the Clone Wars Wave 2 Figs at the Hagerstown Super WM. They had bunches of all 4 figs and only a few Anakins left!


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