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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    Decided to take a trip south. Kinda glad I did:

    Garrisonville (Rt.610) WalMart - R-3PO wave. At least 3 Lukes, 3 Hoth Troopers & 2 R-3POs still on the pegs.

    Fredericksburg Target - Finally found the CW Clonetrooper. Grabbed the only one there. Also had several older figs - Leia (Imperial Captive), Han (Flt. to Alderaan) & Darth Maul repack.

    Fredericksburg Super WalMart - Don't waste your time. Only 3 or 4 figs on the shelf.

    Fredericksburg TRU - Also had the R-3PO wave, at least 2 of each fig. Also found the Brown coat Hoth Han. Thought it was the old blue coat version when I first looked at it. Glad I decided to examine it more closely.

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    Following in the footsteps of WalMart & Target, Toys R Us got in CW wave 3 yesterday...even had super-poseable clonetrooper. Also had 12" Lando skiff guard wave back in. I don't think alot of people were out looking because of the snow.
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    Has anyone seen the 12 Biker Scout, Yoda wave?

    I found the CW3 at the TRU in Frederick on Sunday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skyward72
    Has anyone seen the 12 Biker Scout, Yoda wave?

    I found the CW3 at the TRU in Frederick on Sunday.
    Haven't seen any 12" past quick draw mcHan and Lando skiff. Catonsville TRU off rt 40 had remnants of the Hoth Luke wave (no Lukes, 1 R3P0, and several old fogey Imperial #2 and Ach Med). Columbia TRU had no regular figs still and 2 CW Spider droids. When are stores in my area going to put out more Ultra??!!

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    12" Yoda wave

    I remember all too well how late Toys R Us got in 12" Lando skiff guard wave, but they did get it in three or four recently as last week. I've also noticed 12" in their clearance aisle...figures like Zuckuss & Zam. I think it's only a question of time till Yoda wave hits.
    "In my experience there's no such thing as luck."

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    Wal-mart in Frederick had a couple of new cases with r3-po, luke hoth, imp dig 2, hoth trooper, acq-med, ashla and jempa, and yoda with the other youngling yesterday afternoon. I'm all caught up except for Dan Faytonni.

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    I found the new Hoth wave at Radford Wal-Mart and the Bail Wave also on Sunday. I bought them all and left a few Ack-Med Beq(whoever). The only one they didnt have was the sketch trooper. At Christiansburg Wal-art the had CW wave 3. I took the last SA trooper(they only h the kneeling one) and left a few Kits and Sassy.
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    Toys R Us had R3PO wave with brown coated Hoth Han finally. This was in Glen Burnie as usual.
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    In Charlottesville, the WM had all of the last 2 waves of Saga figures you would want, except the Concept Stormtrooper. That's the only new one I'm missing loose right now. The TRU had the Luke and Darth Throne Room wave, the brown coat Han Hoth and the Durge and Clonetrooper w/ Speederbikes. KB had the Durge w/ Speederbike.

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    Kingstowne TRU has Concept ST, Luke Hoth, Hoth Trooper, Travel Padme, R3PO, and both dignitaries. Walmart: one Outlander Obi.
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