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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    Don't worry Sloppy, by this weekend, you will too.

    I'll e-mail ya tomorrow.

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    I can't understand why stores don't stock the new stuff or fill the holes? We are chocking on it in my store. I even had to pull the older stuff off the floor to make room for the new assortments as they come in. Everyone has it, they need to get it out.
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    My theory is that they're leaving it out for casual buyers -- a mom or dad with a little kid who comes in and sees Star Wars and is excited about the movie is going to buy what's there. If there's an Orn Free Ta up there, they might buy it. But if all that's there is C-3PO and Padme, they will take one off of their hands . . . .

    And yes, I should not complain about not having two Yodas until everyone gets at least one. I found him in a wall of figures at Wal-Mart and he is still the only one I have ever seen anywhere.

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    I can get a Yoda if you need one. The CVS inside the Pentagon has 2 Dookus, 1 Yoda, and a Hangar Anakin.
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    Just got back from the Glen Burnie KMart across from Ames, they had three 12 Jango's. Nice figure. The boxes weren't in Mint shape. Good Luck

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    Found Mace Geonosian Rescue, Jango Final Battle, one Vader Bespin Duel at Springfield/Kingstowne, VA TRU. No Luke. There are still several Jangos and Maces there. The Walmart down the street had one Yoda, if anyone's looking.
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    Ahh -- finally a little restocking. At last got my second Yoda and Dooku at the aforementioned Wal Mart.

    There is still one Yoda at the TRU if anyone is looking, as well as a couple of Geonosian Warriors , the Vader, and a limited but decent number of Jangos and Maces. First time I've seen a Vader and been able to leave it on the peg!

    Still haven't seen any of the Orn Free Ta wave since the morning I bought them two weeks ago. Time to start looking for Palpatine now, I guess. (TRU guy said they had not received any yet.)

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    I just cruised thru the stores in Bowie: Walmart, Target, and KB Toyworks. The only new figures I saw were Genosian Mace and Final Battle Jango Fett at Target.
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    Tons of Royal Guards, Bespin Darth Vader, Final Battle Jango Fett, Geonosian Mace Windu at the Tysons Corner TRU. Most of them, along with the usual peg warmers, were overfowed/piled in baskets in the store. I was gonna get Vader, but the package was damaged. And there are BOXES of the promo comic (#1 of 4). Employes forgot about them.
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    K-Mart in frederick had 3 12" jangos after i bought 1 and toysrus in frederick had 10 dookus, 5 HD anakins, and 3 yodas. they might have had more these were all on the front of the pegs i didn't look thru them


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