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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    Re: VA/DC/MD Finds

    Trailer rocked bigtime! Even after all this time, Ian McDiarmid's "Emperor" voice still gives me the willies. My son loved the wookiee army shot!
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    Re: VA/DC/MD Finds

    Target in Frederick had 3 more Slave-1's yesterday evening. I also found the other cloud car pilots I was looking for. Still no sign of Gamorreans or bib fortuna.

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    Re: VA/DC/MD Finds

    Radford Wal-Mart had nothing. Beginning to irk me to no end. I want the last VOTC wave already.
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    Re: Hampton Roads VA

    TRU on Military:

    Plenty of Naboo sets (score), y-wing, Vader's tie, one Lando VOTC left and one VOTC Stormie. Plenty of Saga and TWO FULL PEGS of POTJ snaggle. The remaining 4 pegs were all Saga. Also had a bunch of voice changers.

    Ended up with my Silver Vader - which they also had on the pegs...

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    Re: VA/DC/MD Finds

    Picked up the Naboo 4-pack (and another silver vader) at TRU in Hagerstown yesterday.

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    Re: VA/DC/MD Finds was your Slave 1? I only saw it once, and the version I bought is missing Fett's missile in the backpack. I suspect many were recalled as none of my Targets ever seems to have 'em in stock. Nothing new seen, as the Generals 3 are peg-warming everywhere. I only need the scanning crew guy at this point(he resides in my Falcon carry case), but it'll be nice to see him in the OTC packaging. I want the Vader voice changer for my son and I, but I'll wait and get it at Target cheaper.
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    Re: VA/DC/MD Finds

    [QUOTE=jonthejedi] was your Slave 1? QUOTE]

    Honestly, I haven't had time to open it yet. The paint looks great (through the plastic) and I was going to put the VOTC Boba Fett in it so I didn't notice if it had the rocket or not.

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    Re: VA/DC/MD Finds

    The Gaithersburg Target had about 8 Slave I yesterday, all a little banged up and all with Boba missing his missle. High up on overstock shelf.
    Nothing of note today in Potomac Yard (except for several younglings again), Baileys Crossroads, Camp Springs or Kingstowne.

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    Re: VA/DC/MD Finds

    Got the scanning trooper yesterday at target in Frederick.

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    Re: VA/DC/MD Finds

    kbtoys in annapolis mall had the rotj and esb votc waves in today


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