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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    Originally posted by ScarletX
    I'm glad I am not the only one who though Qui Gon looked a little constipated!

    You know this Bowie MD find further solidfies my theory that MD is just getting more newer figures than Northern VA.. *Sigh...
    Yeah, something just didn't look right about Qui Gon. Maybe it was his chin. I don't really care, I had no intention of buying it anyway.

    Well, our new friend Kevin did find those new figures in Arlington, but that's practically MD also. I've watched other people's posts. It seems like Ohio gets new figures a week or so before MD. I think all of the figures are distributed out of the LA area, so they take time to get across the country.
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    Just checked TRU at Tysons... bah! same old stuff

    Toy Works on rt. 50 still have at least two Qui Gons and 4-5 rebel Endor Soldiers and at least 2 Orn Fre Ta......

    Bailey's X-roads TRU - Dookus but not much else

    Hey if anyone is still looking for Yoda , Dooku, or HD Ani, Ames in 7 corners has a few of each. Not many figures there, but those are there...

    Still no Massiff.....

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    Neither the WM or TRU in Manassas or Fairliakes had anything new this morning.

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    Is the 2nd Free comic out at the Fair Lakes, Bailey Crossroads, or Tysons TRU?
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    So far the TRU's that I have visited have been rather delinquent about giving anything away. The most recent thing I got was late last week / early this week from Bailey's X-Road which was free comic # 1

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    I'm hitting Germantown Wal-Mart/Target and Toys R Us first thing tomorrow morning and will keep my eyes open. Anyone want me to pick anything up if I find the new wave (Palpy, Djas)?


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    Thanks Kevin! Just giva holla with what you see! Especially if Massiff is around!

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    Stopped by Potomac Mills WalMart today at lunch and they finally refilled the pegs. No Palpatines or Solos but they did have 2 Bespin Lukes and the Massiff wave. Looks like they only put out two or three cases total, which probably brings their total now to around 5 cases of figures. The TRU around the corner didn't have anything new.

    Fixer - glad to help.

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    Sorry Scarlet, passed right by the post about you still needing a Massiff. The above mentioned WalMart had approx. 3-4 of them at noon today.

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    i see the star tours figures are coming out
    but they waited for me to leave disney first
    at last we will reveal ourselves to the jedi


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