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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    Jobare - no problem. At least I know that they are around in the general vicinity and then I will be on the lookout!

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    I hit all the Frederick, Maryland Stores. Nothing new not even bespin/qui gon waves.

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    Stopped back by the Potomac Mills WalMart tonight and it's back to normal again, empty pegs. Nothing remains of the Massiff wave. Didn't last long. Both TRU and Target, around the corner, had nothing new to report. Still looking for Palpy wave.

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    Nothing significant inside the SW quadrant of the beltway either. We should probably rename this the "*not* found" forum.

    At least the intel saves us all gas and time . . . .

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    I stopped in the Potomac Mills Walmart today also. I'm suprised how empty the pegs were. The Walmarts I normally go to in Bowie and Clinton are always almost full.
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    Tried to warn ya about Potomac Mills WalMart. This has got to be the fewest amount of figs I've seen on the rack since............well, I can't even remember. Don't know what it is about this store. It used to be a decent source for "new finds" but not anymore.

    Potomac Mills TRU and Target had nothing new to report.

    Where's Palpatine?

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    Visited Reston Target.... bah! Nothing again! Usual suspects

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    Red and yellow Clonetroopers at Springfield Mall KB. A few left of each as of 5:00 tonight.
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    Found Lumiara, Dexter w/ correction tape, and Geonosian Warrior at Fair Oaks KB Toys. Not to mention Red, Yellow and White 12'' Clonetroopers.
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    Hey Ladies & Gentlemen:

    Did a sweep of the Gaithersburg, Rockville and Germantown KMarts, Toys R Us', Targets and Wal-Marts. Goose-egg city, baby.


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