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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    The Laurel TRU had 8 12" Jango Fetts and the new Unleashed figures. This was around 4pm.
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    I was at the KB Toyworks in Bowie this evening. They had the Bespin Luke with the peg on his hand. I was talking to one of the employees. He told me they had the latest wave in that had Chewbacca and Han Solo but it sold out this morning. He said they were going to be gettin another shipment soon. They figures were already marked down to $4.99.

    So, at least we know that Han and Chewbacca are arriving in the area.
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    Nothing new in Frederick.

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    Glad to have at least something to report --

    TRU at Kingstowne had a couple each of the Unleashed figures (passed) and 4 (3) of the 12 inch Jangos.

    KB Toyworks at Seven Corners, which had a fairly substantial number of preview figures a week ago, has been cleaned out of them, and also had no evidence of the Han/Chewbacca/Obi Wan wave. There were, however, plenty of $2.99 ultimate hair Queen Amidalas.

    Has anyone seen an Acklay?

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    I cruised out to Waldorf today. The only thing I found was 1 Han Solo at the KB toys. He was only $4.99 too. Yippie!
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    Normal peg warmers at the Tysons Corner KB Toys.
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    Just got back from the Fair Lakes Wal-Mart. TONS of Kit, Ploo, Saesee, Shaak, and Luminara. Nobody wants the Jedis.
    If Yoda is capable of kicking someone's @$$, imagine what a muppet could do!

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    Nothing to report from Sterling Target and TRU...

    Oh wait... tons of Kit Fistos if anyone is still looking for them

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    Took my "tour" of the Potomac Mills area stores. WalMart, Target and TRU all had squat. This stinks.

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    Checked a bunch of places this weekend at least two each of Target, KB, Kmart, Walmart and TRU. Nada. I wonder if the retailers are holding off on putting new figs out to let the old ones sell off at the new price?
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