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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    I have to agree, it is beginning to get really frustrating not being able find anything new and seeing in other threads how elsewhere stuff is to be found. It even looked like the K-Mart in Gaithersburg got rid of everything they had. Found only 6 pegwarmers.
    I did see the Fetts unleashed at the TRU in Hagerstown...was not impressed at all so I passed.

    The Barnes & Noble in G'burg had in the bargain section the 12 inch figure and book set of Anakin (Darth Vader) and C-3PO on sale for $24.98, originally $75. Not a bad deal.

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    Hi guys and dolls.

    OK--good stuff.

    Deluxe Anakin and nexu at the Fair Lakes Kohl's. A few of each left.

    I have an extra Palp and Djas I'll give to another collector at cost, $5.99 each. Just email me if you want it: or

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    ..........something new. The Kohls near Potomac Mills Mall had the Deluxe Anakin and the Nexu. Also had (1) Bespin Luke, (2) Vaders and at least 3 each of Mace and Jango.

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    Fair Oaks EBX- Ploo, Boba, Batte Droid with BG
    Fair Oaks KB- Peg Warmers
    Ballston KB- Ton of Bespin wave!
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    Nothing? I have a bad feeling about this. If all the new waves are going to be this hard to track down, looks like I will be buying off the internet.

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    Same Sky... had them today and they sold out before i got a chance to order them.

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    The good news is that I just got Palpatine and Djas Puhr.

    The bad news is that they came in my mailbox from kbkids . . . .

    Just in case there are any stragglers, there is beaucoup Dooku at Potomac Yards Target. Otherwise, same drought as everywhere else.

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    I cruised through Bowie Last night...KB Toyworks, Target, Walmart. Nothing new. I'm about to give up and order Djas Puhr and Chewbacca online. I found that lone Endor Han last weekend in Waldorf.
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    I think I am about ready to agree with Skyward. It is really getting tiresome driving from place to place in hope of finding those last few figures. Has anyone had good luck getting quality merchandise from any particular online source? I am beginning to think that is the only way to wind up this now boring search.

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    Give it some time. I haven't gotten new figures in the store since the Bespin wave! They are all sitting in store's DC's. They won't make it out until either the crap that is out sells OR Hasbro takes back the crap that is out. They did it with the Ep1 figures and should do it soon with the Ep2 figures. It sucks but nothing else we can do.
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