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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    Westminster Walmart: Anakin/Nexu
    Westminster KBToys: Nothing
    Westminster Toy Works: Clone Trooper Exlusive. I bought the red one but still need the yellow. The only yellow they had was damaged so i didn't get it.
    Wesminster Target: Anakin/Nexu

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    Target in Columbia had a bunch of Nexu/Anakin
    TRU in Columbia: Nothing new
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    It seems like every store in this area got the anakin/nexu in this week.

    Eldersbery WalMart: Nothing

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    Stopped by Potomac Mills WalMart today and much to my suprise, found that they restocked their pegs (now 9 pegs instead of only 3). Picked up the Endor Raid Solo and the Final Battle Jango with the flames going up. They had a bunch of the Bespin wave. All the Lukes were the non-bloody type.

    Still lacking Palpatine, Puhr, Chewie and Obi Pilot.

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    Bowie Walmart had a Ton of Bespin Luke/Vaders, Final battle Mace/Jango....and 1 Taun We. They were still priced at $4.77.
    Yo momma. That's right, I said "yo momma".

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    The Gaithersburg Target today had both a Palpatine and 2 Djas Puhr, but the Palpatine had an awful paint job and I left it behind. No sign of Chewie or Han. The Germantown WM yesterday had lots of the Bespin wave, but not the bloody Luke

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    Major Karr, have you seen a lot of Palpys and Puhrs? I'm desperately looking for those 2. Maybe we could work out a trade. Email me or PM me if interested. Also, I work in MD so maybe we could meet somewhere. Are you looking for anything yourself?

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    Djas and Palpy galore on the endcap of the Target in Gaithersburg off of 270.

    Any Acklay sightings?

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    I was at Target Gaithersberg at 1 and they had NO PALPs/DJAS LEFT!!! I did pick up a Obi Wan Pilot tho. Now i still need Djas, Palp, and Chewie.

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    You went to Gaith.? Or Germantown? I saw them in Gaithersburg.


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