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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    Brentfett, i only got the one Puhr and left the other. I am still looking for Palpatine, Chewie, Obi-pilot and Han.
    The Target at Potomac Yard had several Palpys and Puhrs today, but it looked like the carton had been run over with a truck then stocked onto the pegs.

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    I want to give out a big "Thanks" to you guys. After reading all the posts about people finding Djas & Palpatine at area Targets I decided to try my luck.

    Found both of them at the Target off of Guinea (sp?) Rd. in Fairfax. Only had one of each but it looks like these are finally starting to show up in the area.

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    Hi guys, my luck finally changed today. I found a boat load of Djas & Palpatine at the Ellicott City Walmart. They also had tons of the Bespin wave. Plenty of the Bespin Luke. They also had the new deluxe figs. Good luck!

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    Hello everybody

    I found the Acklay at the new Owings Mill Walmart this evening. Also had tons of the Bespin wave and several Orn Free Taa, Rebel soldier, and Massiff, Deluxe Anakin & Nexu.
    Got the last Obi-Wan Pilot though. Sorry!
    Since its a new store, grand opening today, they will probably restock and clean tonight. So maybe some more Obis & Han & Chewies in the morning.

    Good luck with you hunts!
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    The Target in Gaithersburg and Germantown had lots of the Bespin wave on Wednesday, even found a lone "bloody" Luke among 8 other Lukes. Also found a Palpy in G'burg Now all that remains is Han, Chewie and Obi-Pilot.

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    I got the Nexu and Acklay at the Hagerstown, MD Target tonight. Also, the Hagerstown Wal-Mart now has lots of the Bespin wave, and still has a fairly large amount of the Orn wave. No sign of newer figures though, I still haven't seen Djas or Palpatine, or the Endor Han wave.

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    Picked up Palpatine at the Target between Columbia and Ellicott City (off 100). Only saw one and no Djas.

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    Looks like the Palpy wave is finally starting to show up in the area.

    Potomac Mills WalMart - Lots of the Bespin wave (no bloody Lukes) as well as the Endor Soldier wave.

    Potomac Mills Target - Looks like they put out one case of the Palpy wave. There were 2 Palpatine and 2 Djas. Left them.

    Potomac Mills TRU - nothing new. They did have a bunch of the POTJ Imperial Officer & Rebel Fleet Trooper if anyone still needs some army builders.

    Garrisonville WalMart (Rt 610 in Stafford) - bunch of the Bespin wave, again no bloody Lukes. Did see one Endor Solo with the card slightly bent. Left it.

    Fredericksburg Target - nothing new

    Fredericksburg TRU - nothing new. They did still have at least two AT-STs.

    Fredericksburg WalMart - Bespin wave as well as the Endor Soldier wave. Much to my suprise they had one Snowspeeder on the shelf. Don't collect ships anymore so it's still there.

    K-B Spotsylvania Mall - nothing new.

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    A good number (4-5) Nexi and Deluxe Anakain at Wal-Mart in Kingstown, as well as a smattering of the Orn-Free Ta wave. Alas, no Acklay.

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    Just left two Acklay behind at Potomac Mills Target!


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