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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    Re: VA/DC/MD Finds

    Hunt valley wal-mart had some gree, Bly and the others except last 5. Found another 501st clone at Boley's Quarters wal-mart today was gonna buy it to leave carded and would you believe they took it from me saying that hes not supposed to be out even thought I bought one a Glen burnie thanks to Jon. Its Pre-ROTS all over again

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    Re: VA/DC/MD Finds

    That's HORRIBLE!

    I have had problems with them ringing up at the register as well. When I found the #64(#68) Wookie, 501st Clone and R4-P17 the only one that would ring up was the R4?!?! Anyway, the lady at the register just rang up the R4 3X and called it good.

    Seriously, if I were you, I would have complained to the manager!
    May the force be with you.

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    Re: VA/DC/MD Finds

    I would have went to the manager but the few times I have done that I get some lame thing like its recalled and they can't sell it and even though I know its bull they say whatever they please.

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    Re: VA/DC/MD Finds

    Scored all 3 of the DVD Comm. sets.

    Stopped off at Pot. Mills W-M after work and found 2 boxes of them on a pallet in the toy dept. One of the boxes was already opened with the Clones laying on top of the box (only reason I even noticed these).

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    Re: VA/DC/MD Finds

    Found the final 5 this morning at WM on 26 in Frederick. Thanks to Jonthejedi I'll have 2 501st troopers. It looks like they had only put out 1 case and I got the last holographic figures. There were still a few R4's left and a wookie or two. They had also out out a case yesterday as evidenced by the presence of a wookie heavy gunner last night amongst the nemoidian warriors.

    No sign of the DVD sets yet around here and the WM toy manager didn't have a clue what I was talking about.

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    Re: Hampton Roads VA

    Thanks again for the figures Slick... You'll never believe what I found at Target today. Those darn exclusives. I picked up another set, you know how I like to collect 2 of everything. Thanks again though, I really do appreciate it. Let me know if there is anything you are looking for, I can keep an eye out for you.

    They also had some new figures that I have never found. They had Bly, Gree, Bodyguard, Argente and Miin, #57,59,60,61,62 respectively. Though I was really really disappointed in the condition. I've never seen figures so damaged hanging on the shelves before so I passed on all of them. I mean, these things looked like they had been stepped on, real batterd and tatterd. I'm not one to pass on figures if I don't already have them and I don't care if one of the corners is bent or a J hook, but these things were in horrible condition. Like I said, I have never seen figures in that condition hanging on the pegs. Hopefully I'll see them again.

    Whats new with you guys?
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    Re: Hampton Roads VA

    Quote Originally Posted by UKWildcat
    Thanks again for the figures Slick... You'll never believe what I found at Target today. Those darn exclusives.
    Isn't that about how things go? But if I hadn't sent 'em out you'd never have found 'em . That's just how this damn collecting thing goes. Glad I could help nonetheless.
    Whats new with you guys?
    I haven't been out since I picked up the Lava figs for you. It's a combination of things the main one being I'm pretty much caught up. I've been reading that the 3 packs are showing up in VA so I may go on a run tomorrow. I'll def. let you know what, if anything, I find.
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    Re: VA/DC/MD Finds

    North Glen Burnie Target had Bly wave...all there except Cmdr. Gree.
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    Re: VA/DC/MD Finds has all the dvd 3 packs. You really have to look for them (search for 3 figure set), but they're there with $0.97 shipping.

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    Re: VA/DC/MD Finds

    Pot. Mills TRU put out the Holo Emperor today. They weren't with the other figures, but had them hanging on a plastic strip on one of those wire bins about 15' away from the SW section. Kinda hard to notice as I must have walked by them twice before I even noticed. Hope this helps. They had 4 or 5 left as of 12:30 today.


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