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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    KB Toyworks in Bowie had Palpy, Djas Puhr, Endor Han, Luke(non bloody), Orn Free Ta(that blue guy), and Vader.

    Bowie Walmart had a ton of Luke (non bloody) and Vader

    Bowie Target - Luke and Vader

    All of these stores also had the FB Mace Windu and Jango Fett
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    Jackpot! The KB Springfield Mall had Djas, Palps, Han Endor, Luke flesh peg, and Obi Pilot. No Chewie, and I got the last Han. Lots of Vader, Endor Reb, & Massif.
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    I am so sick of all these new figures. I haven't seen anything new in over a month and today i find Djas but hsi box is ripped to shreds. I find about 10 acklays and each is damaged so bad. I have about had it with these new figures.

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    Where did you see the Acklays?

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    Mt. Airy Wal-Mart

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    There is an almost scalper-proof (you hear me -- stay away!) cache of desired items in Springfield.

    TRU has multiple 12" Jangos, and the Wal-Mart has more Bespin Lukes (both non-bloody magnet and flesh peg) and Vaders than you could ever want to see. There were also a couple of Obi-Wan Starfighter pilots and a single Han on a bent card.

    Oh, and about eight Acklays . . . .

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    Picked up one of those Nexu variants that you and I talked about - the one with the tail going to the left. My guess is that this is the common version. Target had a bazillion of these and no versions with the tail coming forward. Also found one deluxe Anakin.
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    Fair Lakes Wal-Mart: GR Mace, Nexu
    Fair Lakes Target: Peg Warmers
    Fair Lakes TRU: Peg Warmers. I also found 1 bloody Luke. Sorry folks, I bought it.
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    Stopped by Potomac Mills WalMart this morning before going out on the Potomac to enjoy a day of fishing and found Obi Wan Pilot and Chewy. All caught up for now.

    Sloppy, I picked up an extra pair of these for ya.


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