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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    I was at the Clinton Wal-Mart today. They had the usual Saga figures. The thing that suprised me was that they had 2 Teebos and 1 R4-M9. I bought the R4, I'll probably open it since the card is in pretty bad shape.
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    Hey. Thanks man! I guess that makes me all caught up for now! Woo Hoo. . .
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    Stopped by Pot. Mills W-M during lunch today and finally found the Acklay. Also found the Endor Solo with the silver paint variation. Still had plenty of Bespin Luke and Vader. Also had approx 4-5 ObiWan Pilot. No Chewies left.

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    Acklays have hit the Eldersburg Walmart off of Rt 32. There were four yesterday as of 5:30 p.m.

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    All the Acklays @ Eldersburg WM were gone as of Wednesday afternoon.

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    Hope everyone had a great holiday. It was Tatooine hot out there. Good luck in your quests this weekend!
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    Tyson's Corner KB had a BUTT load of Count Dooku and HD Anakin (first bubble).
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    Nothing new at the Fair Oaks KB. Found 2 Unleashed Jangos.
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    The TRU in Owings Mill MD had a couple of Djas Phur and Han Solo(grey droid caller).
    Also plenty of Massif, Endor Soldier, Obi-wan pilot and of course Luke & Vader.
    Didn't see Chewie or Palpy though,but I did not dig through the entire display.
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    Yellow Clone Trooper

    Can anyone tell me where I can find a Yellow Clone Trooper? Are figure versions of them actually available?


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