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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    Plenty of Chewie, Han (silver), Palps, Djas, Dooku, Yoda at Springfield/Kingstowne Wal-Mart.
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    If anyone still needs a Djas Puhr or a chancellor Palpatine, the Wal-mart in Leesburg had a ton of them on 07/15/2002.

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    Ballston KB- Bespin Wave
    Pentagon City KB- Peg warmers (figures priced at $5.99)
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    White Marsh Wal Mart had tons of the new figs (palatine, obi wans, chewbaccas etc), get them while u can!

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    The Hagerstown MD Wal-Mart had bunches of Chewie, Palp, Djas, Han, Obi pilot,Luke & Vaders tonight.Lots of them hidden behind the Jedi starfighters, so if by some strange chance you dont see them on the top shelf look around a little. But I doubt you'll miss them.

    Has anyone seen Teemto, or Ki-adi-Mundi yet?
    Or anyone past the first 40?

    Good luck with your hunts.

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    Haven't seen the Teemto wave yet. Found the Deluxe Mace with red Battledroid at the Springfield/Kingstowne Walmart. One left as of this morning.
    "Three goofballs and a guy in a monkey suit."

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    Bowie Walmart had 2 Palpatines and 2 Djas Puhr. Bowie Target, Walmart and KB Toyworks had plenty of Darth Maul and Jango Fett Unleashed. KB Toyworks had a couple of the 12" Jango Fetts.

    I went on vacation to Buffalo NY last week and finally got Chewbacca. The Walmart I went to had Chewbacca, Endor Han, and Pilot Obi Wan litterally falling off of the shelves. There were also lots of Darth Vaders and Lukes.
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    Took a tour of the area today and hit the motherload out in Manassas. The WalMart there had approx. 45-50 Bespin Chewies (I lost track after 45) and approx 35-40 Endor Solos, not a single one of them were the white variation. They also had 15-20 Dookus, 5-8 Hanger Anakins, 3 Yodas and 2 Palpatines. Of course they didn't have the two I need, as I'm sure everyone else does, Ki-Adi and Teemto.

    Also stopped by:

    Manassas TRU: 3 Yodas, 1 Djas
    Manassas Target: 2 Djas, 2 Palpatine and 3-4 Bloody Lukes.
    Potomac Mills WalMart - nothing new
    Potomac Mills Target - (1) Deluxe Mace with the red droid. The package was a little beat up so I left it.

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    Hey jobare. How's it going? Haven't found anything on this side of the river either. Are we tentatively on for this weekend? Saw the Acklays at Target last week - I passed on them. Although something tells me I should have gotten one. Oh well. I'll keep my eyes open.
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    It's going alright, more or less. Had a spot show up on one of my MRI's, sure it's nothing, but want to be sure.

    Right now I'm not sure of which day this weekend, but it will be this weekend. I should know by tomorrow evening or early Friday. As far as the Acklay, I think I picked up one for you. To tell you the truth, with everything that's going on I've completely forgotten. I think it was the Acklay, pilot ObiWan, Chewie and the silver variation of Endor Han.

    I'll let you know about this weekend as soon as I find out.


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