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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    Originally posted by brentfett
    My buddy grabbed me a deluxe C3-PO at the Target in White Marsh last night. He also saw all 4 of the Target exclusive Action Fleet packs as well as one Death Star accessory pack.
    All of those were still there tonight.
    all 4 battle packs
    all 3 action fleet ships
    dlx C3-PO
    dlx yoda
    dlx Mace w/ red battle droid
    and 1 death star accessory pack

    Big Chewie

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    The TRU at Bailey'sCrossroads had at least 8 X-Wings tonight.

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    Ballston KB had a ton of Bespin Chewbacca.
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    Just found a Tie Bomber at Hagerstown, MD Walmart.
    No figs past the Chewie wave though.

    Hagerstown Target- nothing new
    Hagerstown TRU- nothng past Chewie wave did have a few x-wings
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    Bowie Walmart: 10 each of Action Fleet X-Wing, Vader's Tie Fighter, and M. Falcon. No new figures.

    Bowie Target: Luke with metal peg in hand variation. Nothing new.

    Bladensburg TRU: 4 exclusive X-Wings, Luke variation with flesh colored peg.
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    Just found out the Tysons Corner KB won't get anything new for another 2-3 weeks.
    If Yoda is capable of kicking someone's @$$, imagine what a muppet could do!

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    Accessory packs at Target, Springfield. Only Arena and Hoth left.

    (If anyone collects new MOTU, they're there too.)
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    Toysrus Frederick Maryland had X-wings

    Target had the Action Fleet Tie, X-wing, Falcon. Had the Accessory Packs some time in the last few days, but the pegs were all empty.

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    does anyone one know where i could pick up a prop lightsaber at a good prices
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    check out
    sign up, and just ask- there are TONS of people that do runs of them, or people that'll do custom sabers for great prices. I've been a member there for over three years- great place.
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