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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    Good timing! I was home, but wasn't online alot of the time. I read on another site the McQ. rebel trooper went in like 5 min.
    "In my experience there's no such thing as luck."

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    I saw evidence wave 8 hit in Bowie, MD Wally. HTS has McQ. Obi/Yoda back in stock.
    "In my experience there's no such thing as luck."

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    Found the SL Sandtrooper Commander(?), the one with the rifle, at the Falls Church Target yesterday. No sign of much else besides crazed shoppers with toy lists.

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    Hey guys. Hope all is well. I've been doing most of my shopping here in PA hence the lack of posts.

    I did venture into Hagerstown yesterday and to my wonderful delight I got a nice Target employee (rare in Hagerstown to help a Star Wars geek) grab me 1 each of the Ultimate Battle Packs and the Tie Bomber out of the back. They also had the Galactic Heroes Cinema Scenes and the Clone Wars style ARC-170 & Crew. However, I am not a rich man and need to get toys for my kids for Christmas

    So try to find a nice Target employee & use the DPCI's

    087-06-0112 Ultimate Battle Packs
    087-06-0042 ARC-170
    087-06-0064 ARC-170 Crew
    087-06-0117 Tie Bomber
    087-06-0342 Galactic Heroes Scenes

    Good luck & Happy Thanksgiving
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    They're not so nice in Frederick. I may have to venture up to hagerstown tomorrow.

    How much was the Arc-170 and the Bomber?

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    Yeah, the usually aren't in Hagerstown. An older guy helped me out. They are usually there to just pass the time during retirement & don't really give a ****!

    The Tie Bomber was $24.99 and I'm not sure about the ARC-170 but other sites report it at $29.99.

    Oddly enough I found Wave 8 at the Chambersburg, PA Wal Mart and I've never seen wave 7. They were all bent up which is probably why they were there. I'm an opener so it didn't matter to me.

    I really want another set of those battle packs to keep in the package. They remind me of the Vintage days when I'd go to the local department stores in Johnstown, PA where I grew up and they'd have little dioramas setup.

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    For $30 I may have to get another ARC. I was hoping it would be $45 to make it an easy pass. Is the bomber different than the other two releases? If it's the lighter grey color I may need one (this month is going to be expensive.)

    On another note, my EE mandalorian packs have shipped.

    On yet a third note: Still no sign of wave 7 from new force and they haven't posted the first 2008 wave for pre-order yet. I wonder if this is just a hobby for them or if they're trying to be serious about running a business? Their website needs some major cleaning/revamping otherwise their service is usually pretty good.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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    Sorry for the double post but a buddy of mine went home to Ohio for the holiday and picked up the Arc-170, The Arc 170 Battle pack, and the Hoth Battle pack for me.

    Yay! No fighting angry, over caffienated hoards on saturday morning!

    Happy Thanksgiving

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    Found wolfman jedi & fireside Padme from wave 8 at Port Covington WalMart...nuthin' anywhere else. Saw Stephen King's The Mist which was wicked cool(see my review).
    "In my experience there's no such thing as luck."

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    HTS has wave 7 as coming soon.

    Those tards there have things listed as shipping Mi-December and then today ship them to me. UG, wish they would make up their minds. I ordered the newer Titaniums, Biker scout and McObi/Yodas. Got the free shipping on them. I wish they would just ship them all at once.
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