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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    Yay a triple post!

    I found the magna guard fighter at a target in Frederick yesterday and picked it up for a friend. Someone beat me to the vulture droid (probably that blasted seanmcfripp!) Where is he anyway? Haven't heard from him of mm74md in a while.

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    South Glen Burnie Target had 4 different remote control droids for 16.99@: two R5's & two R2's out.
    "In my experience there's no such thing as luck."

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    Magnaguard and Vulture at Target Springfield. I got the only ones. No sign of remote control droids.

    Sidebar: Do any of you folks hang ships from the ceiling for display?
    "Three goofballs and a guy in a monkey suit."

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    Jabba's Rancor w/Luke @ Springfield Target. Also had some of the remote control droids. Looks like they did a mini aisle reset for Transformers and moved the SW stuff.
    "Three goofballs and a guy in a monkey suit."

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    I've seen everything new at the WM on 26 in Frederick recently. I picked up a vulture droid last week.

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    Some a-hole is stealing build a droid parts out of the new esb wave in Frederick. There were several missing parts at the WM on 26 yesterday. I should have taken them up to the service desk and pointed it out, but I was in a hurry. At any rate, make sure you check that everything is complete before you buy anything.

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    South Glen Burnie Target had the darker(black wash) Rancor BP's.
    "In my experience there's no such thing as luck."

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    ^Another variant? Awesome.
    "Three goofballs and a guy in a monkey suit."

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    Have any of you guys seen the Turbotank in your local Targets yet? Its already been shipped to store warehouses from Hasbro and Target has the UPC in their system already!

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    Nope, didn't know it was out yet. Check E-bay (not to buy it there, but to see where it has shown up.)


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