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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    ^^ I noticed the same thing at the Springfield Wal Mart - the section on the planogram is very small, not even a full panel. However, as you say, there is one spot on the lower left reserved for the scene exclusives. Still haven't seen the holiday or compactor sets.
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    Lego Mini Kits

    The Target in Gaithersburg has the 4 Lego Mini Kits in stock. They are 3.99 each.

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    Haven't forgotten about you. I am in Rhode Island as I type. We will be driving back tomorrow. I have been out of the area since Dec. 26. We drove to R.I. Then I flew to Cincinatti. I then hopped in a car with a friend and drove to Miami, FL (for New Years). Drove back to Ohio; flew back to R.I. Which brings me full circle to our leaving tomorrow.

    The TRU up here had a gazillion Destroyer Droids!!! No word of a lie. . .had to be over fifty to sixty of these guys on the pegs and in the bins. BUT. . .I only found ONE Yoda JC. Also found three Ephant Mons at KB Toys. Found the Deluxe 'Flipping' Anakin and Geonosian Warrior, but I did not have the cash to get either. Perhaps you were able to pick one of these up for me in the meantime.

    Since I am returning. . .name the time and place to meet. Don't think I have any plans this weekend. The holidays are long and gone. No obligations. Ahhhhh. . .life is a breeze now!

    I'll be checking my email probably on Wednesday. Until then.


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    the annapolis tru had the new d droid and the new yoda, has anyone seen the trash compactor sets yet?

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    I have only heard about them, by the time I got to store they were gone.
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    I found them at the Pot Mills W-M the first week in December and haven't seen them since.

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    Wal-mart in frederick (briefly) had both Trask Compactor sets last night. They sold out as I was standing there talking to an old friend. This is the first time I've seen them since I bought mine in November.

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    dose anybody know what the next wave of figures are, and when there due out?

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    Originally posted by sparkytheclown
    dose anybody know what the next wave of figures are, and when there due out?
    This is the only list I've seen:
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    Hasbro seems to have abandoned this end of guys hitting Potomac Mills & Frederick must have a different WalMart delivery route than here...I have checked every day for trash-comp. luck! However...I did nail a holiday edition C-3PO/R2 on a Sunday...and haven't seen it since!
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