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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    Yeah, just a little. We were going to go to Target yesterday, but we decided not to.
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    I live within walking distance of a wal-mart, but even I'm not that dedicated a fan of the figures. I had to go into my lab this morning to check on some experiments and wasn't sure I'd get back. I haven't seen this much snow in years. Incidentally, the walmart on 26 had the new padme wave as of saturday. I have both saga Rebel fleet trooper variations, but I still haven't seen any other new figures (e.g. Obiwan, Aayla).

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    Likewise, I'm been checking Target daily for Padme wave...but not today...or tomorrow. Well, there's always the internet!
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    Has anybody ventured out lately? Anything new? I haven't been out hunting since Friday!

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    I was out yesterday & today to the usual haunts...Target, WalMart & Toys R Us...nothing!!!!I don't believe trucks even got in and out much. The Targets & northwestern WalMarts it seems are on a different(DC) delivery route...which is why when I check Glen Burnie, Columbia, Laurel & Bowie...sometimes in the same day...I find zilcho. There's no pattern here. The Columbia Greatland Target had 1 blue saga EEth Koth, which was evidence enough that they got the Padme wave..but it appears the other Targets didn't. Do they order individually? I don't know? I got the Darth T. & Obi Acklay batle weeks ago...and have seen nothing since...except for new 12" & more of the above two. The other WalMart at the other end of Glen Burnie didn't even appear to got the shipments with the above two. It's very frustrating!!!!
    "In my experience there's no such thing as luck."

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    Everything probably won't get back to normal till sometime next week.

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    Well Virginia, there is an action figure god after all. Went to Target Glen Burnie(Rt 3/Crain Hwy) today(Thurs). They had Darth Tyrannus Geo. Escape & Obi Acklay battle...which I already had! On a hunch, I had a real nice lady/employee scan collection 2(Padme wave) barcode. It indicated a "bin location" . 7 min. later she returned with a collection 2/'03 mint box. It just goes to show you...ask! There might be more in the back! There is 1 of each left...with the exception of research droids 2-pack...only 1 per case...for now! Happy hunting!
    "In my experience there's no such thing as luck."

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    I called FAO at Tysons last night and they said they have not received any Shuttles yet. Did anyone else who got theirs order from Tyson's FAO? (I'm wondering if the sales girl knew what she was talking about or just wanted me to go away.)


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