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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    The one I got came from the VA distribution facility. I'don't remeber where I placed the order, it was so long ago.

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    I also placed an order at the Tyson's FAO and still haven't recieved mine.

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    Thanks guys for the shuttle info guys. I got my sandtrooper set from EE today. They're pretty sweet. I also picked up the "new" yoda finally. The wal-mart nearest me fianlly got the clone trooper pilots, destroyer droids, and yoda last night. If anyone still needs clone trooper pilots let me know soon and I'll see what I can do (at cost and no more, of course.) They had a ton of the pilots but very few of the other figs.

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    Well, I won't be giving any reports on the Lanham TRU anytime soon. The news said that the roof collapsed.

    EDIT - Walmart next to Arundel Mills Mall has 6-8 Saga TIE Bombers.
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    You're right. I haven't been hunting for figures much lately, and when I do go, there is rarely anything to report.

    Are any of you guys the "Star Wars Guy" or "Hoss" that called in to DC101 this morning?
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    Originally posted by sparkytheclown
    boy, not much going on
    Really!!! Unless you count the $.99 Queen Amidala 12" figures at the KB Toys in Arundel Mills

    I actually got SP-4 & JN-66 off of Toys R this weekend along with an extra Padme Factory Chase for me to swap heads with the Arena Padme. I know they are $6.99 online, but I got the Saga Landspeeder finally too for $14.99. Plus, it saves me time & gas money!!!

    I also finally scored Ephant Mon via a trade here on SSG The guy said the card was bent...but just a little crease! I'm so happy now

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    I'm right there with m74md on the gas notation. I'll consider paying $6 & change to order figures off internet. When the stores get figs., they seem to get 1 box...and if you're not there within a half hour...well, you know the story. Crain Hwy(Rt. 3) WalMart had several blue saga tie bombers for $20 yesterday!!!!
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    Originally posted by jonthejedi
    Crain Hwy(Rt. 3) WalMart had several blue saga tie bombers for $20 yesterday!!!!
    Shoot. I normally stop there when I'm in the office (Annapolis). But I opted for KB in Arundel Mills. I've been waiting to find those things for $20!!!

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    Yep, it's been reallllly slow - except for my lucky strike at Potomac Mills Target a couple weeks ago. I guess I'm going to have to Ebay the Holiday 2 - pack and Trash Compactor sets. Fortunately TIE bombers are a little more plentiful.

    I've really given some thought to the Kebco "one of every figure club" but since I'm an opener, quality of paint deco is important (as anyone with a Padme with a misplaced mole can attest to) - I really like to pick out the figs myself. So for now, I'll continue to hunt.
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