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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    they had the new obi and dooku at the target in glen burnie today, still plenty left also are the new speeder bikes store exclusives?

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    Nothing to be Found

    Went on a big search today and found absolutely nothing new, just the same stuff from the last year

    Waldorf - Target, TRU and WM
    Clinton - WM, TRU and Kmart
    Springfield - WM, TRU and Target
    Potomac Yard - Target
    Annandale - Kmart
    Bailey's XRoad - TRU
    Seven Corners - KB and Target
    Landmark - KB

    What a waste of time.

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    Originally posted by sparkytheclown in glen burnie today, still plenty left also are the new speeder bikes store exclusives?
    Which Speeders? The Anakin & Dooku ones?

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    Ben told Luke while leaving Yoda in ESB: "PATIENCE!!!"

    I'm glad I waited...

    Mt. Airy Wal Mart

    Saga Tie Bomber for just $15!!! They had 1 left this evening and it's not in the Star Wars section. I found them by the Fisher Price stuff????

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    Crain hwy. Target got another box of '03 collection 2, wave 1. Some tusken raiders, teebo, rebel trooper & eeth koth padme conveyor belt or research droid 2-pack left.
    "In my experience there's no such thing as luck."

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    Target in Frederick has had the new Speeder bikes in. There was a spot on the shelf and a tag for them, but it looks like I got there too late. Nothing new at Toys R us.

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    What speeder bike is this? a 12 inch?

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    Tysons TRU still has nothing new...
    If Yoda is capable of kicking someone's @$$, imagine what a muppet could do!

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    Target finds

    The Germantown Target had both speeder bikes, but the Anakin ones were beat up so I only took the Tyranus version. They also had some Rebel Troopers (blond). The Gaithersburg Target had Teebo (beat up) Rebel Trooper (black) beat up, Padme and Eeth.

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    The Clinton Walmart had 1 Clone w/ speederbike and a couple deluxe Geonosians. They also have the following on clearance:
    Jedi Starfighter ($10)
    12" Imp Officer, Zam, and others
    Vader: $10? (I think)
    R2-D2: $7
    Yoda: $55
    C-3PO, Jango Fett, and the Stormtrooper were also on clearance.

    I picked up the Lego Final Duel sets (Luke/officer/Stormtrooper and Vader/Palpatine). they were marked $3, but they rang up as $1. Woo hoo!

    The Clinton TRU had 12" Leia w/ Han Carbonite, 12" Obi-Wan, 1 Saga X-Wing, and the rest were the usual pegwarmers. In their clearance aisle, they had Mos Espa Encounter Cinema Scenes, Darth Maul w/ Speeder, POTJ Jar Jar, 12" 4-LOM and Slave Leia, and Anakin's Podracer.

    I didn't even waste my time going into Clinton K-Mart.
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