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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    I once encountered a Hasbro rep in Wal-mart in the middle of the morning and she had just placed two boxes of figures on the ground and was about to peg them. One of the boxes was opened, the other was still sealed, and I could see that it was the wave containing the Tusken raider camp ambush etc. I Purused through the box and found that it only contained one of the repacked imperial officer and research driods the rest were just doubles. Since the rest of the box were pairs, and since I buy for somebody else, I made the mistake of saying I was going to buy the whole box. I then said since I am buying this box can you open the other so I can get the two short packed figures to get another set of pairs. She looked at me and said "No". I got a little upset and said "but you were going to put this one out now its gone, so open the other" She then took the box off of the floor and physically ran out of the isle and hid in the back...true story. I understand that scalpers come in and it probably looked that way but I could have simply just grabbed both boxes and purchased them instead of asking to look through them.
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    Found a cool bargin this morning. I had to pickup some things at Kmart so I decided to stop in Ellicott City on the way to work today. Of course, my addiction always takes me to the toy aisle. To my surprise I found a bunch of POTJ figs for $2.50. They had a few good ones. I picked up a few Gungan Warriors & 1 Corrusant Guard. I left 1 of each there. They also had Tatooine Jar Jar & a few others that I didn't need and can't recall right now.

    Hey, at least it's something!!!!

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    K-Mart used to be a pretty good hit for me. When everybody was looking for the last collection of EPI figures i.e. holographic sidious, TC-14, grappling hook amidala; eveybody was hitting the normal spots like Wal-Mart, TrU, and Target with no luck. I can tell you that during that time I must have hit K-Mart 4 or 5 times and saw them there. That's kinda of how I met with Jon when he expressed his frustration one day to me in Target and I told him of the virgin territory of K-Mart on ritchie hwy and jumpers hole rd. Now its just looks like a small cyclone has gone through the department. Its a mess and nothing new is ever there. I guess that is what bankrupcy can do to a company. When these new exclusives come out we should maybe try to help one another out (by "us" I mean those in the central MD area sorry DC and VA you guys are just a bit too far out of range for me). Kind of divide up the stores in areas and hit them hard to score them. Like I said a couple of posts back this A-Wing might end up being another ultra rare exclusive you see on the shelf once and its gone. Its sad to think collectors have to organize like a gang in order to flesh out the collection but we should be able to do it
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    Originally posted by Grissom seem to hit a pretty large range of stores, you must spend a fortune in gas!
    Well, I live in Hagerstown and drive to Annapolis 2-3 days a week. So the good thing for my hobby is there are tons of stores to check out!!!!

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    Hey kids, Just looked at the Toys R Us website and found listed under the Star Wars products a "Figure 4 Pack" for preorder. I am assuming that these are the imperial and bounty hunter sets but they only have one listing instead of two The SKN is 720499 and it says it will ship on May 25th. Time to start bugging our local TrU managers
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    Arundel Mills WalMart(after months of nuthin') in Hanover/Elkridge got in all new Collection 1 figures today. As of Noon...still 2 of @ left. This wave includes Hoth Han, Mynock hunt Chewie, flyin' R2,
    secret ceremony Anakin, Boba Fett pit of Carkoon. I only need Lama Su & clone youth, but that's Collection 2. On a strange clearance oddity note...the KayBee in the same mall has lightsaber 3-packs for 19.99. This is a lightsaber packed with 3 discontinued figures from 2002. Boy, will we ever be rid of 'em?
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    North Glen Burnie WalMart(Chesapeake Ctr.) also had Chewie, Hoth Han & Boba Fett...not much left!
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    jonthejedi - would you pick me up a Hoth Han & Mynock Chewie if you see them again @ Wal Mart? I'll let you know if I get one before hand. I'd stop, but I'm working from home today!!!

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    Not much of a report here, but I went out searching on Tuesday and found the usual here in VA (nothing). Had surgery yesterday and not allowed to drive for 3 weeks. Knowing my luck all the new stuff will start hitting the shelves. Fixer, Sloppy.......keep your eyes open. LOL

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    i hid a Hoth Han, Mynock Chewie, boba fett, and a flying r2 behind 2 jedi starfighters on the bottem shelf of the target in glen burnie today


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