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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    Germantown Wal-mart has the Jango/Boba Fett unleashed clearanced at $7.00 Only 2 left
    1 in the SW aisle & 1 in damaged package on the back wall near hot wheel asile
    No new figs or cantina sets yet

    Frederick WM-nothing new

    Good luck

    Big Chewie
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    Toys R us in Frederick, MD had 6 new landspeeders (5 when I left) on 8/22.
    Happy hunting,

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    Found the same at the TRU near Potomac Mills Mall. 5 left on the shelf.

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    My computer is back finally got it working again after a hard drive failure.

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    I wondered where you were.

    Bowie Target had a few Deluxe C-3POs.
    Bowie Walmart/KB Toyworks: Nothing new
    Largo Target: Hoth and Battle Arena Accessory Packs.
    Yo momma. That's right, I said "yo momma".

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    Walmart Eldersberg had nothing.

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    I picked up the new Landspeeder today at Gaithersburg TRU.They had 3 left after mine.
    Thanks to Kevin G. for the heads up on it.

    Big Chewie
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    New 12" figs

    Found all three of the new 12" figs (Dooku, Zam & Super Battle Droid) this afternoon at the Potomac Mills Target. I don't collect the 12" but I hope this helps someone out.

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    Wal-Mart in Alexandria on Richmond Parkway has all three Cantina sets - and lots of em.

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    Germantown Wal-mart also has the Cantina sets but only have a few left
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