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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    jobare1 - Glad to be of service.

    Also found Gunship today at Kingstowne Wal-Mart.
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    Found all new figures including Clone Trooper Pilot & Jango Fett Slave 1 Pilot at Kay Bee Toys in Columbia Mall...happy hunting!
    "In my experience there's no such thing as luck."

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    thanks jon i went up there and picked up the ones i was missing, still cant find the new endor soilder though

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    Thank yooouuu! These tips save on alot of gas truckin' around from retailer to retailer. I alas have not seen the "beardless" endor soldier in any case assortments. I'm not sure how he's packed. Lott Dodd & Watto also appeared to be short shipped.
    Any other Marylanders out there searching?
    "In my experience there's no such thing as luck."

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    I've been looking for the deluxe geonosian w/hive & clone trooper biker at Targets since the Laurel find...anybody turn up anything! All I've seen are the new 12" wave.
    "In my experience there's no such thing as luck."

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    The Target in Largo had the clone trooper biker and deluxe geonosian. The Reek is on clearance for $8. The Darth Maul and Jango Fett Unleashed figures are also on clearance.
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    is the deluxe flipping anakin packed in with the clone trooper biker and deluxe geonosian? dose any body know

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    also has the red battle droid been relased yet(not the one with mace)if not dose anybody know when?

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    I have them...but many new figures were at KayBee Toyworks in Bowie Sat. Lots of Clone Trooper Pilots, Anakin & Jango Slave 1 pilot. No "BabyFace" Endor soldier, nor did I see any Wattos or Lott Dodd. Lots of Padme pilot & Darth Maul Sith Training. Sparky...I have been wondering about flippin' Anakin too...saw him(but didn't buy) at Columbia Target..but no evidence of Deluxe Geonosian or Clone Trooper w/speeder bike. No clue on red battle droid...yet!
    "In my experience there's no such thing as luck."

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    I found the Deluxe Geonosian at Target in Westminster on Saturday. They only had one and a couple of flipping Anakins. Haven't seen anything else new except Padme pilot at KB in White Marsh.


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