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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    I went to toys r us in frederick last night and they had all the new basic figures (they should give me a discount or something for this free advertising.) The only thing they seemed to be running low on were clone trooper pilots (sorry guys, I needed 2, they had 2, I bought 2.) Hopefully they have more in the back.

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    Finally found the Gunship today at TRU in Columbia. Only saw the one on the shelf, but their SW section is not very big. No new figs there yet.

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    I've noticed all of the Star Wars Sections in the stores(Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart) are getting smaller. The KB Toyworks in Bowie is the only place I've been that still has an aisle dedicated to SW.
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    Harry Potter toys are edging star wars toys out of their aisle space. It had been a while since they released any new figures and sales have really dropped. There isn't much sense in putting out more of something that isn't selling in the first place. Maybe the release of the new waves will turn that trend around.

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    Thanks for the tip Mtriv. I got 10 new figures i needed a toys r us Frederick today.

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    2 more gunships at the Ellicott City Walmart at rts 40 & 29 tonight at 6:00 p.m. One of the boxes looked a little beaten, but go get 'em if you need 'em!

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    Glad I could help Jedikmg. Has anyone seen the clone trooper with speeder bike? Also, what day do targets around here usually restock their toys? I've only seen the accessory sets once and still need to get the hoth and Endor sets. Thanks

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    I've seen the Clonetrooper w/ speederbike at the Largo Target and the Bowie KB Toyworks.
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    Thanks Rogue II. I got a few more of the figures I didn't get the other day at Toys R us in frederick. They seem to have a great supply in the back. No one else in Frederick has the new figures out (that I've seen). Also, the old Wal-mart has Acklays and Reeks for 9.98, the deluxe figures are $7.76, and the vehicles are marked down as well. (The speeders are less than $10 and Slave I is less than $19.) Good luck to everyone who was patient enough to wait for the price to go down.

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    Geonosis Arena

    I just saw the Arena playset at the TRU at Bailey's Crossroads. They had at least 2 of them. They also had lots of the new Padme, Anakin and Clonetrooper. Has anyone seen the speederbike/clonetrooper anywhere else besides Bowie/Largo?


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