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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    It seems everyone is looking for the clone trooper w/speeder bike...including me! I checked Bowie Kay Bee Toyworks yesterday...if they had em, they're gone now. I haven't seen much anywhere...except Republic gunships are popping up at Targets here & there. Happy hunting!
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    MTRIV73...I saw some accessory sets at Target in Bowie...all but Endor may be too far for you to drive, though.all. Call 1st.
    "In my experience there's no such thing as luck."

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    dose anybody know when 4-pack of endor rebel soilders is comming out?

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    Originally posted by sparkytheclown
    dose anybody know when 4-pack of endor rebel soilders is comming out?
    The collector's database has them listed for Nov 02.

    I stopped by Potomac Mills TRU today. They had all sorts of figures I haven't seen.
    Padme Pilot
    Jango Fett Pilot
    Obi-Wan Pilot
    Clone trooper pilot
    Tatooine Anakin
    Tusken Raider w/ Massif
    Lott Dod
    and some "rare" figures from the first 40:
    Count Dooku
    HD Anakin

    There were also a couple Battle arena playsets, and some of the Clonetrooper ship.

    And a large stack of 12" Luke w/ Tauntauns.

    Finally, several of the small micro-ships from ATOC...Solar Sail, AT-TE(?)
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    Congrats on the finds Rogue. I stopped by there yesterday during lunch and came across the "clean face" Endor Soldier. Couldn't believe it. Had to dig to the bottom of the bin. Sorry about not posting, slipped my mind.

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    The Clean Endor Rebel Soldier was the only one I didn't see....and the only one I wanted. My wife bought the Padme Pilot because she collects Padme figures. I ended up walking out of TRU empty handed.
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    The clean Endor Soldier was the only reason I went there too. I found two of them and got both of them, one for myself and one for fellow collector "Big Sloppy". If I happen to run across another one I'll grab it for ya.

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    I'm sure I'll find one eventually. I actually customized one using the POTF2 Endor Soldier. I did a triple head swap....Bespin Guard 's head went on POTF2 Endor Soldier...POTF2 Endor Soldier's head went on the SAGA Endor Soldier....Saga Endor Soldier's head went on Bespin Guard's body. I posted a pic of the new Bespin guard in the ESB Customs thread.
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    The clean shaven Endor soldier is 1 per case for right now. I am sure they will update the assortment so he is at least 3 or more per case. That is why he is such a tough find. If you go to a TRU just ask. All of them have tons of stuff in the back.
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    Has anyone seen saga R2's warming the pegs anywhere? It's a great sculpt for repainting to customize other astromechs.


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