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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    arundle mills kb toys had all the new figs except for new endor solider, and the target in columbia had gunships and the arena, the tru in columbia had the new figs gunships and action fleet wave 2

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    dont forget about the baltimore comic con this weekend oct 26-27

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    Potomac Mills Target had the new Deluxe figs. Picked up Clonetrooper and Geo. Warrior. Still had one of each left as of 6:30pm.

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    the tru in laruel had all the new figs

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    Tysons Corner TRU has more X-Wings and Repulic Gunships in stock; no comic #4 yet.
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    did anybody go to the baltimore con, also was it worth the $15 to go, were there a lot of vendors?

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    Found the Clean Face Endor Soldier at Toysrus Gaithersberg. I also found the deluxe C3PO at Target Germantown.

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    Finally found a clone pilot at the KB in Springfield Mall, but I think I got the last one. Still had Jango pilot. Jedi training sabers at Kingstowne TRU.
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    found all the new figs at the tru in glen burnie plus they had 4 of the Clean Face Endor Soldier left

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    Anyone getting hunches on the 2 new deluxe figures...I keep seeing Flippin' Anakin...but no Clone Trooper w/speeder bike or Geonosian w/sonic blaster. Where or where?????
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