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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    Yes, everything I've read has said the Silver R2 will be available on Sunday, Nov 3.
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    Bowie KB Toyworks:

    Deluxe Yoda and C-3PO
    Darth Maul
    Padme Pilot
    Tatooine Anakin

    Bowie Target: REGULAR FIGURES ARE $2.99 unitl Nov 15
    They only had:
    Jar Jar
    Sinsi Tiin
    Nitko Jedi
    and 1 Teetmo (pod racer)

    Deluxe C-3PO
    Hoth and Arena Accessory Sets
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    Yeah,my local Toys R Us mgr/star wars guy showed me a copy of the "big book". Even though some people got it in the mail already..Sun. is the magic date. He said they were only expecting about 100 R2's...and they hadn't even arrived yet. He mentioned there will be a listing on the receipt, which you have to take to cust. service. If scalpers try to return the figs, they have to return the R2's as well. Does everyone think that's fair...I sure do! Still looking for deluxe clone trooper & geonosian???!!!
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    K-Mart in Frederick (and I'm assuming everywhere else) has the Arena playset for $34.99. They had 3 when I was there looking for Deluxe Figs. I guess I'll see some of you Sunday morning at Toys R us. Until then, Happy hunting.

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    Stopped by Potomac Mills WalMart this morning and scored Ehpant Mon. Damn, this figure is huge. They also had Padme pilot, Jango pilot and Clone pilots.

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    K-Mart will have their regular figures on sale starting tomorrow for $3.

    Greenbelt Target:
    $3 figures
    Kit Fisto
    FB Mace
    FB Jango
    and a couple other Jedi

    Greenbelt KB:
    Obi-Wan Pilot
    Lott Dod
    Tusken w/ massif

    Bladensburg Toys R Us
    They must have found an old case becasue there were a bunch of Hangar Duel Anakins, Obi-Wan w/assasin droid, and Yoda.
    --I didn't see the Landspeeder, but they had the Gunship, X-Wing, and arena playset.

    Are you guys still seeing the Landspeeder at TRU? I was going to buy that to get the Silver R2. I plan on checking in Laurel tomorrow.
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    Rogue II

    I hit 2 TRU's (Kingstowne & Pot. Mills) today and both of them had the Landspeeder.

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    Thanks for the Landspeeder idea Rogue II. I went up to Potomac Mills TRU and got the Landspeeder and low and behold they bring over the silver R2. They had a box of them hidden behind the customer service desk.

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    I went up to the Laurel TRU today. I got my Landspeeder and Silver R2. I think the new cases must include Yoda, Dooku, HD Anakin, and Bespin Vader, because I saw them at both TRU and Wal-mart.

    Laurel TRU also had Anakin, Padme, and Darth Vader Unleashed. They also had some 12" figures.

    Laurel Target 2 Emperor's Guard. I almost bought them as army builders, but passed since I already have 2. They had Kit Fisto, C-3PO, that blue senator, Taun We, Kit Fisto, Padme, and a couple other Jedi.
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    i got my silver r2 at the columbia tru, had plenty left


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