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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    TRU in Kingstowne is out of the widescreen EpII DVDs, but the Walmart has marked theirs down to $9.95 for one day only.
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    My wife said that the Bowie Wal-Mart has also lowered their price on the DVD. I don't know if it is one day only thing or not. I thought she said she paid $9.86 for it. (like 9 cents makes a difference.)
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    Yep, my TRU in Columbia is out of widescreen too. Hopefully the Walmarts on my way home will be honoring the $10 price today...

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    $9.86 ?!?! I was robbed!

    The Kingstowne (Springfield) Wal-Mart had a sign up that looked like it was printed in-store, stating the one-day-only thing, but I presume if you took the TRU ad you could get a price match later.
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    According to this auction on E-bay, the new Star Tours Figures will be available December 1st. If anybody actually gets an order processed through Disney please post and let the rest of us know.


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    Fixer. Went to the Kingstowne Wal-Mart too. BTW, they were the only place I found to have the widescreen version at 9:35 p.m. last night. And they had a ton of the widescreen left. The DVD rang up to the tune of $9.95, not $9.86. Was this the TRU price? I should recheck their ad. . .

    In any event. . .I really could have used that extra 9 cents!
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    Stopped at the Eldersburg/Sykesville Walmart on the way home last night. They had 2 widescreen copies left. Rang at $14.96 but they pricematched the TRU ad so I was a happy boy!

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    Eldersburg/Sykesville Walmart has Ep 2 marked down to 9.96 or 9.69 (I forget which) until 11/20. They had plenty DVD wide and full.

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    Found Ephant at Springfield KB, but I think I got the last one.
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    WalMarts are starting to get the Hasbro vinyl figures...I saw Jango, Mace & Darth Vader. These were previously only avail. from comic & specialty stores via Diamond Dist. Happy hunting! Still searching for clone trooper w/speeder & Ephant Mon!
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