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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    Next year is going to be really expensive. I'll have to buy a bigger house if I get all the Star Wars toys on that list. I still wouldn't count on everything from the list being made next year (but I hope they do.) Has the Imperial 4 pack that was supposed to come out soon finally been declared a hoax or is it for real?

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    I saw the Imperial 4-pack on pre-order at, so it must be real.
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    Stopped by Potomac Mills WalMart early this morning and they finally put out more figs. Nothing special, but they did have about half a dozen clonetrooper pilots.

    Pot Mills TRU didn't have anything special either. Did see one AT-ST there if anyone is interested.

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    I just called the Wizards of the Coast store in Pentagon City Mall. They said they got all sorts of SW figures in. I'm going over there during lunch. I'll post what I find.

    I'm hoping to at least pick up the Hardware Wars DVD and a set of Stormtroopers. Wish me luck.


    Well, I got the Stormtrooper set ($6.99) 2 Royal Guards ($.99 ea) and Hardware Wars DVD ($2). After Tax I spent $11.45. Not bad, eh?

    They had:
    Vader, Boba Fett, R2/C-3PO Bobble heads ($10)
    12" Ki-Mundi ($5)

    3-3/4" ($.99-$3)
    Battle Droids ($3)
    Anakin (OPD)
    Several Jedi
    Orn Ta Free
    Jar Jar
    Episode I(Red card) Mace Windu
    I don't remember the rest.

    and Deluxe Mace $5

    They also had a small metal(pewter?) Trade Federation figure.
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    The WalMart in Manassas had around 9 or 10 CloneTrooper Pilots and had just put out the new 12" wave (Dengar, Zuckuss and Imperial Officer). Don't collect the 12" so they're still there. First time I've seen these.

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    The new 12" wave (Dengar, Zuckuss and Imperial Officer) has also hit Kingstowne WalMart - Zuckuss & Imp Officer left as of 1:00 PM.
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    All 12" Bounty Hunter wave at Arundel Mills WalMart...plenty of clone trooper pilots at both Glen Burnie WalMarts as of yesterday. Still haven't sighted Ephant Mon anywhere,
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    Clone speederbikes at Springfield Target.
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    Bowie Walmart had new action fleet..."frosted" AT-AT, snowspeeder & Darth Vader "damaged" Tie Fighter.
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    Largo Target had the Deluxe Clonetrooper w/speederbike yesterday.

    Bowie Target had Hoth and Arena Accessory sets.
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