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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    the clone speeder wave

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    Picked up the trash compactor sets at Eldersburg Walmart this morning. They only had one of each. Big Sloppy, thanks for the Star Tours info. And for the record, I'm beginning to think Ephant Mon is a figment of everyone's imagination as I've yet to see one in person.

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    Ephont Mon is/was out and about. TRU had tons of him for the Black Friday specials. He'll be out and about again. The Walmart in Catonsville had 2 Trash Compactor sets thismorning. Walmart in Ellicot City had the Xmas 2 pack yesterday morning.
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    Target Accessory Sets were found in the Hagerstown, MD store. I picked up Hoth & Endor to complete my set. They had plenty more as of Saturday 12/7. Pretty much nothing else was in stock. Your best bet is to call ahead then go right over. They won't hold these for you! Good luck.

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    Saw Target Accs. sets at Columbia Target. Several Hoth, 1 Endor and 1 Arena. Several Deluxe Geonosian Pods, too.

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    today i found yoda: jedi high council, and the destoyer droid: geonosis battle at the kb toyworks in bowie/crofton, they had two of each left, i didnt even know they were out yet, are these the last figs of 2002?

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    That's funny, I almost went into that KB today. I went into Walmart(nothing new), but passed on KB. I didn't know there were any more figures coming out this year.

    Anyway, I also stopped by the Arundel Mills Walmart. They had 12" Bounty Hunters (Dengar, Zuckuss...)
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    I got the Trash compactor scenes at Wal-mart in Frederick last night. They had 1 of each left after I bought mine. Still no sign of the Holiday two-pack here though.

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    Thanks Sparky! I nailed the new(or is it?) Yoda Jedi Council & Battle Droid Geo. Battle at Bowie Toyworks. Corners on both were hammered...I'll exchange at a later date. Still haven't found trash compactor 2-packs at local WalMarts.
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    Toys R us price matched the KB online sale price for the interactive R2 unit for me. The manager said he was in a good mood but ordinarally doesn't match online prices. If you want one and want to save $20 ($30 if you take out shipping from KB) then give it a try. The worst they can say is no. I can't wait till Christmas so I can open it.


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