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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    mtriv73 : Was that the Frederick store? I wonder if the Hagerstown store would do the same thing. One of the guys that works in teh Hagerstown store is a hardcore collector so he might not!

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    Since I don't want to get anyone in trouble for doing me a favor that they maybe shouldn't have done, I can't say which store it was. I can tell you that I don't venture far from home on my shopping expeditions though. It couldn't hurt to print out the page from the web site and try.

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    Finally my patience with TRU paid off as I scored Ephant Mon in Columbia this morning! They had one left at 10:30... Congrats mtriv on your price match. Not many stores would do that.

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    No more Ephant Mon @ Columbia. I just called

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    That sucks. I had been missing him for weeks, too.

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    anyone see find the new lego sets that have poping up?

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    What are the new Lego sets? I haven't been keeping up with them, so I haven't bothered looking for new Legos. I'll keep an eye out for them for now on.

    I WANT EPHANT MON!!! If I can't find him by the end of this weekend, I'm giving up looking for him until January.
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    Every time I've seen Ephant Mon (only in TRU stores) he has been in the hands of a scalper (I consider 3 or more of a single new figure a scalper). There is no way I'm paying more than $4.99+tax for him. I'm still kicking my self for paying $15+shipping for Dooku from eBay.

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    I'll keep my eyes peeled for Ephant mon. If I see any in the next few weeks I'll buy them and hold them for whoever wants them (at cost of course I hate scalpers too.) Are Holiday 2-packs sold out everywhere? I haven't seen one yet.

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    Mt. Airy Wal-Mart had 2 of them (non mint - dings galore) as of Monday. I let it sit. It's just too goofy for me to shell out $14 for. (Just my opinion)


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