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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    I haven't seen the R2/C3PO Christmas set yet either. Those are kind of goofy. I decided a while back not to buy any of the Star Wars Halmark Christmas ornaments, so I'm not buying those figures.

    I could see my mother-in-law buying them for me as a gag gift. If she does, I'm buying her another Chia Pet.
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    Originally posted by mtriv73
    Are Holiday 2-packs sold out everywhere? I haven't seen one yet.
    The two Walmarts I hit in Carroll co. (Eldersburg and Westminster) had them, but I think that was last week. I'll swing by on my way home and see.

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    Rogue II, I'll keep a eye open down here for an Ephant Mon. The TRU near my house refills their pegs nearly everyday. My local WalMart has been decent about putting out new stuff, but haven't put anything out in the past week and a half. I'm sure they're gonna restock pretty soon. I remember you posting, about a month or two ago, about not finding the "Clean" Endor Soldier, have you found him? Let me know.

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    Thanks jobare1, I'm sure it is just a matter of time before I find Ephant Mon, it seems like everyone else is finding him. And, I just get impatient because I don't have as much time to hunt for figures as I used to.

    I got the "Clean" Endor soldier last month. Speaking of that...

    I'm planning or ordering the Sandtrooper 4-Pack from Entertainment Earth next month. I will probably pass on the Endor Troop 4-Pack. I was doing some comparrison shopping about those. has these prices:

    Endor Rebel Trooper Builder set pk4 is $22
    Carded Saga Endor troop (Bearded) $4(mint) and $3 (non-mint)
    Carded POTF2 Endor trooper is $5
    Carded Saga Endor Troop (shaved) is $8.25 (mint) and $7.25 (non-mint) (But they are out of stock)

    I looked up the new Legos, they look pretty neat. Sounds like they are finding them up in New Jersey. I backed off of collecting Legos, got to be too expensive and take up too much room.
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    My wife, of all people, scored Ephant for me...but she asked an employee for help. I think sometimes they hold them in the back. I found the holiday edition C3PO/R2 on a Sunday at Glen Burnie WalMart...and haven't seen it anywhere since. My local WalMarts don't even appear to have gotten or put out the trash compactor 2-packs, yet! The search continues.....
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    Pentagon City KB had the new Yoda and Destroyer Droid, as well as a 3 or 4 Clone Pilots. Of course, NO EPHANT MON. The store was somewhat crowded and I forgot to look for the Legos, sorry.

    Pentagon City WOTC looks like it reloaded a little in their Star Wars Clearance bin. There were several Endor Troops($2), and a bunch of Ki-Adi-Mundi. They still had Super battledroids, Geosonians, and Jedi regular figures, 3PO bobble head, and the Han/Chewbacca poster.
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    i found the new Yoda and Destroyer Droid at the kb toys in annapolis mall thet also had a few Ephant Mons left after i got mine

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    I forgot to mention: The Pentagon City KB had a bunch of those "Value Packs" with 4 figures in them.
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    I went to Arundel Mills Mall today (my wife made me). They had a sports card show there. One guy was selling mostly sports figures, but he also had a few Star Wars. He had Ephant Mon for $20. I laughed at him and put it down. I walked by later and he marked it up to $25. What a Jack@ss. He was also selling Endor Han and POTJ Bespin guard for $9.

    Anyway, the Greenbelt KMart had those 2 packs. They were also having a sale that ends today...25% off all Star Wars toys, including the interactive R2-D2.
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    TRU - Council Yoda, Destroyer Droid, & Clone Trooper Pilot - No Mon

    KB in Mall - Many Many Clone Trooper Pilots - No Mon

    Target - Accessory Packs galore - No Mon

    Didn't make it to Wal Mart or Kmart


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