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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    Wal-mart on 26 in frederick had a beardless Endor soldier last night as well as the deluxe geonosian and anakin. Nothing really exciting, but someone may still need them.

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    I was just at the wal-mart I mentioned above and they have a case of Death star scenes (2 of each) to put out. I may run by on my way to work tomorrow to see if scalpers got them.

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    the annapolis tru had the new d droid and yoda i also found the blue boxed tie bomber at the glen burnie walmart of 97

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    Diligence paid off for me as well...they must have just(finally!) put out 1 case of trash compactor 2-packs at Glen Burnie WalMart off Rt. 97. Sorry, fellas...I got 1 complete set for myself..but none left now. Store may have been hit as early as 6 am. I didn't get there till 9:15 am.
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    Glen Burnie Toys R Us had plenty of new Yoda & D. Droids yesterday...still no sign of new figures. Clone trooper pilots now showing up in larger quantities for you troop builders. Haven't seen Ephant Mon at all!!!!
    "In my experience there's no such thing as luck."

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    Found Saga TIE Bomber at Kingstowne/Springfield Wal-Mart. Two left as of 1:00 PM. They're on the top shelf in the main aisle. Asked about the trash compactor sets - they had them once and don't know if they expect them back. Ditto on the holiday set.
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    ...the other Glen Burnie WalMart off Rt. 2(Chesapeake Ctr.) & Rt. 10 still had some trash compactor sets yesteday...looks like they only got 1 case too.
    "In my experience there's no such thing as luck."

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    Wal-mart in Frederick on 26 has 1 of each death star scene left (as of saturday morning 11:00am) and 4 tie bombers. The new paint scheme on the bomber is nice, but the helmets on many of the pilots looked a little "battle damaged" from too much paint. Still no ephant mons anywhere I checked WM, TRU, and KB.

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    Any bets on who will get the new Jan. assortment money's on Kay Bee or Toyworks.
    "In my experience there's no such thing as luck."

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    On Sat, I went to Potomac Mills Mall. The KB outlet(near Old Navy) had all 3 25th anniversary 2 packs for $4.99 each.
    I also found a POTJ Imperial Officer at TRU (last one)

    Bowie Walmart:
    12" figures for $10 each (Dengar, Super Battledroid, there may have been others)

    Bowie Target:
    Deluxe Geonosian, Non-bearded Endor Troop

    I think you're right, jon. KB/KB Toyworks will probably get them first. KB and TRU are the only stores left with a decent sized Star Wars section. Target and Walmart have done some serious downsizing. I won't even mention KMart.
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