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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    Well, it won't be the KB at Tyson's - went by there yesterday and they're closed for good. Did find that the local Giant supermarket has opened up a big toy section in their seasonal aisle - including the last POTJ wave (FX-7, Eeth, Imp/Reb Troopers) and the Saga pilot wave. They had other action figure lines, Lego, etc. Don't know if it's temporary or not, but it sure was surprising.
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    The Ellicott City Walmart (off 29 & 40) had one Saga Bomber and had recently put out a case of Destroyer Droid/Yoad Chair wave. Saw those on Tuesday at 11:00 am.

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    Originally posted by A.J.
    The Ellicott City Walmart (off 29 & 40) had one Saga Bomber and had recently put out a case of Destroyer Droid/Yoad Chair wave. Saw those on Tuesday at 11:00 am.
    Any Ephant Mon

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    Originally posted by mm74md
    Any Ephant Mon
    Nope, sorry mm74md, I don't think he ships in that asstmt. Those are collection 1 while Ephant is collection 2 if I'm not mistaken.

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    Mt. Airy Wal-Mart

    Had 2 Saga Tie Bombers @ $28.47 a piece around 7:30 last night. Also had one 12" Jango - UV on clearance for $30.

    Frederick Wal-Mart (Off I-70)

    I snagged the last pair of Trash Compactor sets. I've told my self "No, No, No! They aren't that nice!" But once I saw them in person they are pretty cool. They had nothing else of interest. They had the Cantina Sets for $7.xx which is cheaper than other Wal-Mart's I've seen.

    Originally posted by Rogue II

    Bowie Walmart:
    12" figures for $10 each (Dengar, Super Battledroid, there may have been others)
    Thanks Rogue II. I got my Dengar, Imperial Officer & Zuckuss @ 1/2 price! They had Dooku, Dengar, Zam, & Super Battledroid as of 5:00 yesterday. They are hidden in with the clearance junk. They had the Jango Fett Lego set on clearance as well. I think 1/2 price.

    Still can't get that darn Ephant Mon!!!!

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    Wal-mart and target are starting to get the waves with beardless Endor trooper, watto, etc. No Ephants yet but it couldn't be long now. I wonder why the other chain stores are several months behind TRU and KB?

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    anyone see any of the 2003 figs yet?

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    Nothing sounds like Feb. at the earliest. My money's on Kay Bee to get 'em first. Did anyone check out that bizarro case assortment for them, however, on Sir Steve's main news section on the home page. What's Hasbro thinking????
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    i was reading the upcomming list of stuff, and there is a lot of wal-mart exclusives, this sucks because how hard it was to find the trash compactors , saga bomber and holiday sets.

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    I haven't had much luck with Walmart either. I did manage to get all 3 Cantina Sets without much of a problem, but I never saw any of the others. Hopefully, I will find the Trash Compactor sets soon. Anyone hear exactly when the 2nd wave of Cantina sets are supposed to be out? I thought I heard sometime in February.
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