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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    mm74md....was just at Crain Hwy. WalMart(10 am/Wed)...2 blue saga tie bombers still there for $20 @. I agree w/Fixer...Kebco has reasonable prices...but you're at the mercy of who picks 'em out for you.
    "In my experience there's no such thing as luck."

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    After finding nothing yesterday at Target/TRU/WM in Springfield, or the Target in Potomac Yard, I found today at the Target in Gaithersburg Obi-Wan and Tyranus. The also finally had Yoda, DD, and Clonetrooper. I found a Padme in Nashville 1 1/2 weeks ago, but screwed up getting the Trooper, Imperial and Eeth, thought I had them already. D'oh! The Target/WM in Germantown had nothing.

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    today i found the droid 2-pack and padme at the target in columbia today

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    is the new mace part of this wave

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    No he's not...I saw a mint box opened. He's part of collection 1.
    "In my experience there's no such thing as luck."

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    An Odd Find....

    I had to pick up medicine for my newborn at my local Rite Aid. While walking to the register I saw multiple Clone Trooper Pilots, "New" Yodas, & Destroyer Droid sfor $7.99 a piece!

    To top it off, I dug a little deeper and they have a few POTF2 figures for $7.99 each as well.

    So if you find yourself at your local Rite Aid, stop by the Toy Aisle to see if you find a surprise!

    I would have $hit myself if they had Ephant Mon!!!!!!!

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    Almost forgot....

    The KB in Hagerstown has the entire set of Playskool Star Wars sets

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    I love the Clerks quote mm74md. The clone trooper pilot wave has been showing up at the Wal-mart on 26 in Frederick too. If you need some I can get them for you for $4.86 which is a lot better than $7.99. The other Wal-mart just off 70 has nothing but Orn fre ta, Han Endor, and Palpatine. From the looks of the hole in target's star wars display, they are getting new things in and selling out pretty fast. I still haven't found Aayla yet. Has anyone seen the blonde imperial officer?

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    Just got off the phone with FAO in Tysons. I broke down & bought the Imperial Shuttle. They lady I spoke with told me that had "a few" left after people gave up waiting for them for over a year! Lucky me! So if you didn't pick one up give them a call at 703.917.9600 before they are all gone!

    The sucky thing is I have to drive all the way to McLean to get it! What ever happened to the Towson FAO?

    Oh well, from what I've read about them it will be all worth it!

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    Maybe my Shuttle will come in now! Sweet. I never thought they would get them in.


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