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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    Of course, the day I work from home every store has Hoth Han & Mynock Chewie!!!!!!!!!

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    Sparky..I was at that Target at 9 am, and they had nuthin'. Just proves Grissom's theory concerning pm stocking. mm74md...I got your message late...but if I go out today Friday, I'll be sure to pick 1 Han & Chewie up for you. The only one I'm missing is Lama Su. I feel the deluxe figures are right around the corner!
    "In my experience there's no such thing as luck."

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    Sparky, dont get caught doing that...some stores view that as theft since a paying customer would be unable to purchase the items you hid. They will throw you right out of the store. Just thought I would warn you.
    Did anybody see my post about the 4 pack at TRU? I am currently incapacitated, hurt my back, and unable to nag them at the service desk at my local Glen Burnie and Annapolis store.
    "It's just about evidence, it's not up to you whether he lives or dies. The case has no face."

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    But I guess its OK that Target hides the figures in the back till later in the evening so as not to sell to its regular morning customers. Just doesn't make sense.

    I found the Han Hoth wave at the Walmart at Ellicott City yesterday. They only had a couple of figures left.

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    Lets face it..Target stores hate collectors and/or they have collector employees.

    Once I went into the Target in Glen Burnie, I was looking for the extremely hard to find Skiff. I saw one of the "hey I look like I am 12" employees with one of their inventory guns. I asked if he could tell me if they had any of the Skiffs in stock. He didn't have a clue. So I asked if he could scan the barcode on the shelf sticker. If you can remember back the shelf sticker was for Y-Wings/Skiff since they were both shipping in the same box. He scanned it and said "hold on a minute".
    Now, I don't know what kind of luck some of you guys had with that Y-Wing but that thing was damn near impossible to find around here. I fortunatley was able to get one prior to this little encounter. You will now see why I mentioned this thing about the Y-Wings because the kid comes back with this box that had no less then 8 Y-wings! I couldn't believe it! Alas however there weren't any Skiffs. My point is either these things were being hidden, or the store was trying to control how many got out, or maybe a little bit of both. So, no Skyward, I don't think it is "OK" for them to hide the stuff in the back. It is just how they do business in the Target stores. I may even go so far as to say that they probably have an unwritten policy about the stocking of Star Wars merchandise. My point to Sparky was that I would hate to see a legitimate collector get thrown out of a store simply for trying to help us out. It would be easier to just buy it, offer to somebody on this thread at cost, and see if you get any takers. If not just take it back with a receipt for a refund.
    "It's just about evidence, it's not up to you whether he lives or dies. The case has no face."

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    even if they tried to throw me out i would be right back the next day, no one is going to tell me i cant shop in there store, especially not some pimpley face teen

  7. #937 new figures at that Glen Burnie Target...I hope it was you that scored 'em!
    "In my experience there's no such thing as luck."

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    I got Han Hoth and Chewy Mynock friday at Wal-mart. (Last ones they had). I still haven't seen an Aayla or Bariss yet.

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    Potomac Mills WalMart only had the flying R2 for any new figs. P.M. Target was wiped out, as usual. Only had 4 figs on the pegs, and I think all 4 were Lott Dodd.

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    Columbia Target got 1 case of super battle droid builder set & spider droids(3 of @) in today. I passed on both, pkgs. were all chewed & beat up...but at least it was somethin' new!
    "In my experience there's no such thing as luck."


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