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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    TRU in frederick had the Blue Jedi starfighter and the tank (I forget what it's called) yesterday. I'm passing on them for now though. It's nice to see more new stuff showing up in the area. I thought for a while that no one was ordering anything except for the occasional case of figs.

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    TRU at Bailey's has the blue jedi fighter and the battle tank. Nothing new in Springfield WM, TRU or Target.Same for Potomac Yard Target

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    Finally found the Clone Wars multipacks at the TRU in Fair Lakes. Grabbed the last of the Clone Troopers. Still had at least 4 ea of the other 2 packs. They also had the Jedi Starfighter and the Trade Fed. Tank in the new packaging. Other than that.......Pot. Mills TRU, Target and WalMart had nothing. Target on New Guinea Rd in Burke had zilch. Fair Lakes Target and WalMart had nothing and Manassas TRU, WalMart and Target all had nothing.

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    Sloppy, you still out there?

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    Nothing new at TRU, WM or Target in Waldorf, although Target had marked down some Lego stuff.. got Jabba Palace for $21.

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    Yesterday, the KB Toyworks next to Walmart in Bowie had the Clone Wars Droid and Clonetrooper 3 packs. They also had the droid launcher.

    As of yesterday, nothing new at Bowie Walmart and Target. The Largo Target didn't have anything new, but the Jabba's Palace Lego set was marked down to $15
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    just f.y.i. re: Kay Bee Toys

    Following Rogue II's KayBee Toyworks announcement...I found out that all KayBee Toys in area(Arundel Mills, Columbia, Marley Station Glen Burnie) got in 1 box of Collection 2 "saga gold" figures...and were promptly bought up...some instances by the case. It just fattens the frustration that exists out there with collectors right now...but look at it this way...both KayBee & Toys R Us, who have had nothing for months...both skipped by WalMart & Target by bringing in Clone Wars multi-packs and the new "saga gold" single carded figures. This includes Padme Amidala secret ceremony, Wat Tambor & Coleman well as the rehashed Darth Maul, Leia & Han Solo with clear bases.

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    Got the last Leia, Han, and Maul at the Germantown Target, probably had rest but were gone. WM had nothing, and the Gaithersburg Target had some remnants of some wave.

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    There were 2 or 3 Ephant Mon (Mons???) on the pegs at Columbia, TRU as of 9:45 wednesday (7/16). Hope somebody who needs him gets lucky!

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    One Droid Army 3 pack and two D Droid Launchers at Springfield/Kingstowne TRU.
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