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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    Last night Frederick TRU had a few each of the Clone Wars 3 packs.

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    Picked up Saga Gold Vader (lame action feature ruins this one!) & Snowtrooper (very nice, not sure of why all the complaints) at Hagerstown Wal Mart today. Looks like I was the last to see these. No sign of any other new figures. At least I got these! So keep your eyes open for these guys!

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    Thumbs up thx AJ for heads up on ephant man

    thx AJ for heads up on ephant man
    at last we will reveal ourselves to the jedi

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    Why can I not type in the reply field? Keep getting Javascript error. :(

    Quote Originally Posted by valin horn
    thx AJ for heads up on ephant man
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    Potomac Mills WalMart put out another Snowtrooper case this morning. That was a suprise. Ran into the "toy dept. witch" (putting it a nicely as I can) that gave me a hard time on Monday. Giving me the evil eye the whole time. Pot. Mills TRU had absolutely nothing. Was told that they're not expecting any figures in until "MAYBE" next week. Target around the corner had the remains of the Snowtrooper case.

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    I got the new Luke and snowtrooper yesterday afternoon at Wal-mart in Frederick. It looks like the rest of the case had been bought already. They still had a Boba Fett and R2 left (as well as about a dozen pegwarmers.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by valin horn
    thx AJ for heads up on ephant man
    No prob, glad you were able to pick him up!

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    I'm out in Glen Allen, VA for a business trip. I stopped by the local Wal-Mart and Target. Target had 2 old deluxe figures and that's it. Wal-Mart had nothing but old 2002 figs even after they restocked Wednesday night. I plan on checking out TRU tomorrow.
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    Hit my usual places this today and struck out: Pot. Mills WalMart.....a bunch of pilot Jangos. P.M. figures at all. P.M. TRU.....all they had were POTJ figs and some of the earlier saga figs. Had a person at TRU check in the back for anything new. After a few minutes she came back to say that there is nothing at all in the way of figures.

    Does anyone know of a SKN/SKU # for the newer figs (Coleman Trebor/Wat Tambor) that I can use at TRU? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  10. #1050 is showing the saga Tie as being in stock and shipping. It may start showing up in the stores soon.


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