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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    Quote Originally Posted by mtriv73
    I don't know if it's scalpers or just collectors and kids buying them. With these 4-packs you get a lot of toys for a little money which would make them attractive to parents to buy for their kids. At any rate, they've restocked the imperial sets several times so I would expect they'll do the same for these. I can't wait for the hoth set now.
    Glen Burnie Toys R Us had 4 or 5 Ultimate Bounty sets as of 12 noon today. I guess they just put them out. I wish one of the bounty hunters could actually FIT on the swoop bike. Columbia Target had more of the Throne room Vader, Hoth Han & snowtrooper wave. They had Luke with the corrected hand/glove, but pkgs. were slightly dented. Happy hunting!
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    TRU at Bailey's Xroads and Kingstown had Bounty packs. Nothing at Kingstown WM or Target at Springfield or potomac yard

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    Must have been after i got there. I was there at 11.

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    Also of note at the Frederick TRU....they had 3 each of the Dooku/Anakin speeders around 3:00 today. I was also lucky enough to snag Evil Lyn out of the MOTU isle! They had the "new" Merman, Triclops, & Skeletor

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    Rebelscum is reporting on a new VA/DC/MD collector's club. Check it out here->
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    Ugh! I broke down and bought the speeders from EE a couple of months ago thinking I would never see them in the stores. TRU rocks right now. If they ever start getting in basic figures again, I'll never shop anywhere else.

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    Tru Manassas

    Left behind a Mint Clone Wars Republic Gunship. No new figures that I could see. I'm a batman collector too, has anyone seen the batman/nightwing 2 pack by four horseman(they are 6inch vs 4.75 i think)?(cant find it anywhere but ebay for a jacked up price.)

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    New Lightsabers

    Found the new(depending on your point of view) luke ROTJ and Vader lightsabers at Wal-mart Culpeper. They hang vertically vs. the old horizonal box, had about 4-5 i think. Still looking for that Nightwing 2 pack if anyone can help.

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    Yeah Toys R Us...finally!

    Glen Burnie Toys R Us got in 2 cases of Ultimate Bounty, 1 case Throne room Vader, Luke, snowtrooper, etc...and most importantly 2 or 3 cases of Series 1 screen scenes @ 21.99. Plenty left as of 11 am today.
    "In my experience there's no such thing as luck."

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    I just got the last 2 screen scenes from TRU in Frederick (sorry). They did have about a dozen Bounty hunter 4-packs though. Wal-mart in Frederick (on 26) had a ton of new figs last night including the corrected Luke jedi (no pristine cards though MM74MD.)


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