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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    Re: VA/DC/MD Finds

    All local retail chains have finished their resets, and each has a big 4x4' empty pegboard o' nuthin' where OTC will eventually go. Glen Burnie Toys R Us on the other hand had a big pegboard o' old Star Wars figs. Instead of OTC, they put out the General's wave today. All (Crix, Lando & Han) there as of 3:30 this PM. Happy hunting!
    "In my experience there's no such thing as luck."

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    Re: VA/DC/MD Finds

    Nice to see that wave finally making it's way through the pipeline. I think I'll wait for the OTC versions though. TRU-Frederick had a bunch of old saga figs today as well 2 Han VOTC figs. Target had Han and Ben VOTC the other day. TRU also restocked the 2 Jedi council scenes (I really don't even know if these would be worth the money at half price.)

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    Re: VA/DC/MD Finds

    curious if anyone has found Marvel Legends 6 yet I havnt found anything at all latley.

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    Re: VA/DC/MD Finds

    Hey guys, long time no post. Been getting a majority of my stuff off the net, but this evening decided to stop by Potomac Mills TRU and much to my suprise found VOTC Vader, Yoda & Luke. They also put out the General's wave. Pot. Mills WalMart is still packed with the Hoth wave. Can's see them getting anything new in for a while.

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    Re: VA/DC/MD Finds

    Target Gaithersburg had the Jawa/tusken wave today. Glad to hear the Generals are out. Hope I can find them.

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    Re: VA/DC/MD Finds

    South Glen Burnie WalMart had some OTC out today, but I was too late for the new ones. No Spirit Obi, Luke, Yoda or R2. Also spotted Aayla, Tusken & Bossk Unleashed, as well as new AOME scenes.
    "In my experience there's no such thing as luck."

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    Re: VA/DC/MD Finds

    The Kingstowne TRU had the Generals wave (blue package) today. Several of all 3. If I was wasn't such a completist I would have waited for the OTC. Its a sickness I tell you!

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    Re: VA/DC/MD Finds

    Tell me about it! I was only going to get the new OTC like Lobot, Bespin Leia, Dagobah Luke, etc...but when I saw how awesome the new mini-diorama packaging looked...I was ready to chuck the blue saga cards. What I wasn't counting on was the K-Mart cantina scene, new 12", new Unleashed, new LOTR & AOME all hitting simultaneously. KACHING!!!$$$$$$$$$$$$$$Dooh!!
    "In my experience there's no such thing as luck."

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    Re: VA/DC/MD Finds

    Gaithersburg Target has 3 Leia Cup Sets for $5.88 each as of 10:30 this morning. They also had at least 2 each of OTC Tie Fighter, Jawas, Tusken, Han, ANH Leia, ANH Ben.

    Frederick Target had the OTC Jawas, Tusken, Han, etc. last night around 9:00.

    I'm still looking for an extra VOTC Vader. I've been able to purchase 2 Lukes, 1 Yoda, & 1 Vader in the past week but didn't post since I got the last ones. However, I still need another VOTC Vader to open. I don't plan to open a Yoda since the regular OTC Yoda is so sweet. Please post if y'all leave one on the pegs for me

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    Re: VA/DC/MD Finds

    Staunton WM put out OTC Jawas, Tusken Raider and Hoth Stormtooper this morning.

    I was in the TRU in Harrisonburg on Sunday and they had bunches of the VOTC, including Vader and Yoda. I decided to slip by there yesterday evening and pick up another of each to open but the place was wiped clean!

    When will I ever learn!!


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