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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    Re: VA/DC/MD Finds

    K-mart in Frederick has a bunch of the Pablo-Jill wave as well as the newer cantina 3-pack. Still no sign of Cantina aliens or sandtrooper in Frederick. TRU has nothing, Target has the same 5 figures they've had for weeks, and the newer Wal-mart had no basic figs as of yesterday.

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    Re: VA/DC/MD Finds

    besides the new cw animated figures are there any more figures planed after the cantina wave before the ep 3 figs come out?

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    Re: VA/DC/MD Finds

    Quote Originally Posted by sparkytheclown
    besides the new cw animated figures are there any more figures planed after the cantina wave before the ep 3 figs come out?
    I think just the EP III Sneak Peak figures in Feb/March.

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    Re: Clone Wars

    After months of these two Targets being behind, today they were caught up. Springfield and Potomac Yard have Coruscant wave in droves, Playskool x-wing and speeder, and Clone Wars. Cant remember what exactly is new - Grevious (pretty sure is new), Durge, Asajii, Mace, Tanktop Ani, Arc Trooper, as well as red and blue clones. No sign of the yellow ? or green ? one.
    Have to do some research to see what is new and what is a rehash.
    Potomac Yard Target had no sign of the 8+ Slave 1's they had not on sale on Sunday.

    Also, just in time for summer, Potomac Yard has a ANH "Slip and Slide" featuring a Death Star Battle scene for 9.99
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    Re: VA/DC/MD Finds

    i wonder how hard its going to be to find all the different clone colors? I hope not like it was for the regular cw figures

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    Re: VA/DC/MD Finds

    Found Gentle Giant Bust Ups Series 2 and C-3PO Mini Busts at the Hagerstown Suncoast. 3PO was only $39.99! Happy to see that after online pre orders were $40 or more. They had 1 3PO bust left & a few Bust Ups left. I got lucky got picked out both Vader variants

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    Re: VA/DC/MD Finds

    Rafdord Wally World cleaned out the SWfigs and CBurg too. ALl they had left were Ig-88's and Scnning Crew and Bespin waves. They finally moved the AckMeds too. Glory days until they restock.
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    Re: VA/DC/MD Finds

    Called around to some Targets yesterday, and the only one that got in CW was Greatland Target in Columbia, MD. They put them out Sunday AM and were gone within hours.
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    Re: VA/DC/MD Finds

    Hagerstown Wal Mart had the CW Series III in this morning. I wanted to get the new Ani & Greivous for my son, but a guy in his late 40's/early 50's was piling them into a cart. All except for Mace Windu! This mad me just a little mad.

    Since I'm a good Christian boy, I asked for one of the Anakins & Grevious politely. He ignored me. I followed him into electronics and asked him again. I think he was the devil 'cause I've never seen such evil eyes before. I left it at that & went rummaging through the toy aisle and found a banged up Grevious & Red ARC trooper. I snagged the Grevious and left the ARC along with the Master Windus. They were on a peg that read $4.77 but rang up at $5 something. I was in a hurry & in a self checkout so I didn't bother complaining about the difference. Just watch out for the prices.

    I hope you all have better luck at your Wal Marts with these!

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    Re: VA/DC/MD Finds

    Oh, and have a Happy New Year. I will sadly be spending a boring night with the in laws in Western PA. Fun fun!


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