PA Target and Walmart have started resetting their toy aisles, yesterday Target had most of the Clone War Animated figs of which I picked up for fellow collectors, Pablo Jill wave aplenty, Jedi Force X-Wing and Speeder Bike. Walmart also had animated figs but with bent/creased cards, left those for the openers, these were only $5.55 as opposed to $6.99 pricetag at Target. Had a pretty good week, work brought me alittle north of home and I was able to catch my collection up to latest stuff, finding all Clone War figs including all Clone Trooper variants and scoring the new Tatooine wave of Galactic Heroes! I also found the rehashed 2005 Luke and Vader( #'s 9 & 10), didn't think they rereleaseed these yet. I've noticed that most area stores are getting new stuff each week so keep your eyes open and Happy Hunting!!!