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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    VA/DC/MD Finds

    Sadly there is not much finding going on in north centeral maryland.

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    I thought Jobare1's idea of a common area thread was a great idea so here goes.

    I went to the WM at Potomac Mills this morning since others had luck there yesterday and not a single AOTC figure was in sight. I saw about 8 boxes that said "Do Not Open Until April 23rd" on a pallet and asked the woman stocking toys when they would be out and she just smiled. She left to answer a call so I opened the top box and found the remaining 8 I needed and went to the cashier. They rang up "Do Not Sell" and I explained that I had bought several two days ago. So she called for help and the Head Cashier said they were recalled and could not sell them, regardless of any previous purchase. So I left empty handed.

    The Springfield WM had nothing as well.

    The search continues

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    If you guys need any of the new deluxe figs or 25th anniversary figs I have found them on clearence at Target in Glen Burnie. They also had the Rebel Trooper and FX-7 for 3.40. Not a bad deal.

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    I forgot to mention they also had an opened case of 100 (?) piece AOTC puzzles, which I passed right over

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    Major Karr

    Sorry to hear about the wasted trip this morning, but I also went there around 6:30 this morning, just to see if they were still there and I found the exact same thing........5 empty shelves. I guess someone there finally got the message about not selling/displaying them. I wish I had access to the internet at work, I probably could have saved ya a trip.

    P.S. - which collection did you find.

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    Does this only apply for Hasbro toys or is this lego as well? I am planning on heading down to a store that had the gunship lego the other day and pick one up, but i don't want to go if i am going to get turned back at the register.

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    I would assume that this would also apply to the Lego's too. I was in the Pot. Mills WalMart about 2 weeks ago and found a whole pallet filled with AOTC Lego boxes as well as a couple of Jedi Starfighter boxes. This pallet was being plastic wrapped and taken to the back and I've never seen any of the Lego sets on display at the store. Then again, this is the store where I got both coll. 1 & 2 figures a couple of days ago, but they've since pulled them all.

    I'm not saying that they're not gonna be there, but I highly doubt it and chances are that if it is there, will it ring up at the register?

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    FX-7 Wave

    In case anyone cares, I found the FX-7 Wave at KB Toys in the Laurel Mall. There were 2 of each (queen decoy, FX-7, Rebel Trooper, Imperial Officer) at $7.99 each.

    Also, the Electronics Botique had POTJ figures marked down to $2.99. I picked up Duros and Bespin Leia.
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    I just found the new ATOC Cereal at Wies Mt. Airy. They had one with Obi/Jango and another with Count dooku/anakin/padme on the fronts. They also have Star Wars Adventure game on the back. They had a new picture of the Jedi Libary on the back.

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    I found the EP II puzzels at the Walmart in Ellicott City. They had been put out on the shelf. I didn't buy any so I'm not sure if they would have rang up at the cash register.


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