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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    I have the same feeling about the Midnight Maddness. It already seems that some figures have become pegwarmers on EBAY and they haven't even been offically releasesd. I too most likely wait till the end of the week to search for new stuff. I have a feeling most items will be easy to come by.

    I did find a box of the EP II Slave 1 at K Mart in Northren VA today. The Kmart in the Sully Plaza off of RTE 50 had them sitting on a toy skid in the toy dept.

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    I'm with the two of you. I really don't feel like fighting the masses. I'll probably stop by the Pot Mills W-M on my way to work that morning and get the figs that I don't already have. But, judging by the amount of boxes I've seen there, I really don't expect anything to be too difficult to get (hopefully).

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    At the Kohl's in Gaithersburg today they had some puzzles, Legos and I think the Life game. The Target had the Anniversary collections marked down to $7.90. The B&N had a great find in the bargain section. From EPI there was a boxed art collection from Doug Chiang that was originally $55.00 for $9.98! Can't beat that.
    Let's get organized...what time is it and what day is it?

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    Also the Ames at 7 Corners Va had more EPII figures in stock, #s 1, 3, and 6 thru 12, many Slave 1s and I saw a Reek. I had those figs already, but i was able to get a Geonosian Warrior, Saesse Tiin and Jar Jar Binks
    Let's get organized...what time is it and what day is it?

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    I didn't mean to post three times, but I forgot the I got 3 of the 4 deluxe figures...Count Dooku, Jamgo Fett and Obi-Wan, but they did not have Mace.
    Let's get organized...what time is it and what day is it?

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    Great finds, I was in that area today and didn't stop. Doah!

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    I haven't been able to find anything episode 2 up here in Northern Maryland. Oh well i will be at Wal-mart when it opens thesday morning and get all of them.

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    Found a few AOTC figures and Slave 1 at the Ames in Dundalk, MD today.

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    AOTC Finds

    Decided to take a trip down to the Garrisonville Ames (Rt.610) and see if they had anything new and I lucked out again. Picked up Nikto Jedi (2x), Geonosian Warrior, Saesee Tiin, Jar Jar senator, red Clonetrooper (2x), Dexter Jettster and Zam Wessell as well as all 4 deluxe figs. They also had the Reek but decided to leave that. These must have been the later cases because I didn't see any Tuskens, Plo Koon or Shaak Ti. They only had 1 Zam.

    No sign of Yoda or Hanger Anakin.

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    The Ames at both Edsall Road and in Alexandria Rte 1 had quite a few AOTC figs in stock today. I found R2, C3PO, Zam, Clone Trooper, Padme and Kit Fisto.


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