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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    Gaithersburg K-Mart

    The G'burg KM had an entire endcap of AOTC today. It is not on the main aisle but along the back wall in the toy dept. They had most of numbers 1 thru 12.

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    Thanks for the tip.... I got 10 figures, Anakin and Obi Wan 12", Slave 1, Dooku's Saber, and Obi & Jango Deluxe at K-Mart in Gaithersberg.

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    Jedikmg, is it still worth going down to the Gaithersburg Kmart now? Did they have a lot of product still on the shelf? Thanks

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    YES!!!! I got the last C3-PO, and the the 2nd to last Super Battle Driod, Last Obi Wan, and 2nd to last Outlander Anakin, and last Padme. NO KIT FISTOS!!!!! They had a good amount of everything else.

    They had alot of Roleplay stuff, and 2 deluxes left. They had 3 Slave 1s. They had maybe 30-40 figures left lots of Battle Droids, Boba Fetts, and Typhos.

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    Springfield Mall: Software Etc. had ATOC Collection 2 figs: Senator Jar Jar, Genoshian, 2 Jedis, and some other guy. $8.99 each.

    KMart next to Andrews AFB: 1 12" Clonetrooper, ATOC Card Game, and a couple Jedi Starfighters.

    Toys R Us next to Andrews had some Legos...Bounty Hunter Chase to be exact.
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    I forgot to make a post about this the other day, but i called FAO Shwartz down in Tysons Corner and pre-purchased the Shuttle Tyderium. So i suggest you guys call down and pre-purchase yours also.

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    Thanks for the info about the shuttle, but I'm not shelling out that much cash for it because I'm not a die hard vehicle collector.

    I most likely won't get the snowspeeder or Tie-bomber either. I haven't even seen one yet.
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    Anyone find the Tie bomber or Snow speeder. I caught a glimse of one last night at the Frederick Walmart. I ve been to 3 other Walmarts and have struck out in each instance.

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    Wal-mart mt. airy had about 3 or 4 of each left as of my second trip there at 10 am.

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    Still haven't seen the Tie Bomber/Snowspeeder.

    Target in Landover/Largo didn't have squat.

    Walmart in Clinton next to Andrews had lots of figures. They were somewhat picked over. There were 4 of each speeder (Anakin's and Zam Wessel's), a bunch of whatever that beast, and a boatload of Jedi Startfighters.

    Does anyone know of any shows or conventions that come thru this area?
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