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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    Found the twins today at the Kingstowne TRU today...they were actually on an endcap that I walked right past as I went to the section. That just leaves K'Krukh and Shaak for me. Anyone else find it odd/madding that TRU has an ad on site for figures they don't have at their website (or stores!)?

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    Finally found the last EU (Shaakti) I needed at Kingstowne. Still looking to fill in final CW figs - Magnadroid, Firedroid and Aayla.

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    I still haven't seen the EU wave in stores (or the Walmart comic packs) Thank goodness for the internet. I also still haven't seen TX-20 who is the only clone wars character I've ever really wanted. Way to get the product to the consumers Hasbro!

    Another thing I found on the internet is that you can actually book a flight between Dulles and BWI. Unfortunately, you have to connect through Boston, New York, or Newark and it takes 4 hours (plus security time) for what would be a 45 minute drive.

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    Haven't seen the EU wave hitting again either. This down time kind of sucks, but if the quality of the new Hoth Leia I got is an indication of what we'll see in the new line then I can't wait! I do hope there is a balance of re-do figs and new choices to keep me interested, though.

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    Finally found the EU my mailbox from Entertainment Earth.
    "Three goofballs and a guy in a monkey suit."

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    I got the ESB vintage wave, the cloud car, and the snowspeeder from HTS. Okay, it's technically a pre-order, but at least I don't need to worry about finding the vehicles in the wild.

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    Scored the 11 new vintage, 4 Clone Wars and passed on Legends at the DC Target today. They were on the pegs and rang up with no problem for 7.99. No sign of new vehicles.

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    New Vintage & Cloud Car reported at Annapolis TRU this am. Happy Force of July!
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    Cancelled pre-order with HTS and got the Snowspeeder and cloud car from last week. They are well worth the money. (Actually since they were part of the bogo sale they're more than worth the money.)

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    I'm not giving Hasbro & TRU $10 @ for Vintage...although I read many are. So Hasbro will keep gouging us, and reducing quality & articulation.
    "In my experience there's no such thing as luck."


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