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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    I saw 2 Taun We at Ames in Landover/Hyattsville (I'm not sure what what city exactly) Near Fed Ex stadium on Rt 214. There aren't too many collectors that shop there so they should be there. I bought 1 of the 2 Royal Guards.
    -Plenty of ships.
    -No Yoda or Dooku.
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    Stopped off at the Potomac Mills WalMart today during lunch and they still haven't put anything new out. Hell, it almost looks like they haven't restocked the shelves either. From there I went to the Target just down the street. They finally got some figures in. They only one they had were Luminara, Royal Guard, Taun We, Nikto, Saesee and maybe one or two others.

    I did find something kinda interesting for those interested in variants. Came across a Luminara that didn't have any tape covering up the "Removable Cloak". They had around 8 or 10 figs of her and only one of them was like this.

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    TRU in Columbia had the POTJ FX-7 wave, if you guys still need these. They just put up a whole case this afternoon. I also found plenty of AOTC variations at this store.

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    Hello MD, DC and VA! I didn't realize that there was a forum for us on sirsteve's, AWSOME! I know the Clinton and Lanham (New Carrolton) TRU's got the Count Dukee:-) Wave and the Lanham is a good one to go too and get them. It is in a bad area and not alot of collectors go there. Just ask them if there are none on the floor. They should have a ton in the back as all TRU's do right now. Also, have you seen the Laurel TRU's Ep 2 display? Very nice. It is the biggest and best of any store in the area. They have 4 tv's showing all 4 movies, lots of graphics, the new sound track playing, Monsters INC guys dressed up (Mike is in a Jedi costume!) and tons of new stuff. They only have collection 1 and 2 waves #1 so no hard to find stuff but really cool to walk in the front door and into the Star Wars universe. I have a question, is everyone around here disappointed in KB's output? The few I have been to only have one case of figures and that is it. Not very good at all. Hello to all in this area and good luck in your hunting.
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    KB Toyworks in Bowie (Next to Walmart) had Lots of figures. I got Dooku and Yoda there. They had 3 large bins of figs, plus 2 racks. I've only lived here for a few months, but I have never been impressed by KB's Star Wars selection. Since the revival of the Star Wars line, I have only purchased a few things from there and most of them were on clearance. The store in Bowie is the best KB I've been to.

    Hey Underdog, I get the feeling we don't live very far apart from each other.
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    I actually live in Catonsville. I have only lived in the area for alittle over 2 years myself and don't see that much of it because of work. I have heard the Bowie KB's is a good one. I think that there is suppost to be a very large Toyworks somewhere down there too?? I wish I could get out more but I can't. I just read some of your posts somewhere else. I WAS in the active duty military before too. My collection took a beating from Germany to Kansas to Maryland. Now it is in boxes in my basement.
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    jobare, thanks for the tip! - I picked up the Royal Guard, Taun We, & Luminara at the Potomac Mills Target during lunch. The circle is now complete. At least, until the next waves show up.
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    good finds


    If you're in Catonsville, have you checked out the Walmart on 40 near 695? The stretch of route 40 aka Baltimore National Pike, between 695 and Route 29 has two Walmarts and one TRU. Last thursday I was able to get almost everything I wanted from wave 1 and wave 2 of AOTC, plus the tie bomber and the snowspeeder. (still looking for the yellow clone trooper) The Tie Bomber and Snowspeeder were at the Walmart in Ellicot City. (3200 N Ridge Rd,Ellicott City,MD 21043 for those of you who want to Mapquest it)

    Happy Hunting!

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    No problem Fixer, glad to help.

    Stopped by Pot. Mills WalMart. They had a couple of Yodas, Luminaras, Anakin (Hanger) and Taun We and Royal Guards, besides all the other usuals. Picked up another Anakin (Hanger) with a different sticker on it than the one I already have. (Kinda getting into variations now).

    P.M. Target still had a bunch of Luminaras and Guards.

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    Ronin Diesel

    I have been to all three the past week and I must just not be hitting at the right time. I had the bomber and snowspeeder in my hands but didn't want to pay the $ for them right now. As for the TRU, the Catonsville one sticks VERY bad. I laughed at the SW Ep2 section there. What a joke! TRU has lots of the figures. To be honest all the stores are choking on them. Every single one of the stores have more in the back. You could ask but they will more than likely say no. AND it is a crap shoot as to what TRU has as far as waves. Some have better than others. To get really specific collection one and collection two each have the SKN number assigned to them. Each collection comes in (I think) three waves as of right now? So when the waves get the the warehouse, they all get put into one area by SKN (collection 1 or 2). When they load the trucks to go to the stores, they just load them. Some stores get all of collection 1 wave 1, some stores get none. It really happened to the 2nd and 3rd waves. Just look at TRU's selection and you will see that the early waves are the only ones in the stores. That is at least the ones I have been too. I really don't need to go "hunting" for the stuff anyway. I just have to be patient and wait till it gets to my store:-) I have a cool job.

    Where did you go Rogue II??
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