I'm in Landover.

Bowie is wierd. There is a KB Outlet store in the Bowie Towncenter, and right down the street next to Walmart and Giant, there is a KB Toyworks. They are within a mile of each other. The only Star Wars items the outlet store has are some EP1 Darth Mauls and Commtech Readers ($3).

I'm glad I bought that last line of POTJ online because I have never Teebo/BoShek wave in the stores around here. Hopefully, they will turn up on clearance somewhere like the POTF2 did.

I doubt I'll be getting much hunting in the next 2 weeks since my mother in law is coming to visit. Although, she knows I like Star Wars...

Most of my collection is open now, since there is no point in trying to keep the boxes in good condition. They are more fun that way too.