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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    I'm in Landover.

    Bowie is wierd. There is a KB Outlet store in the Bowie Towncenter, and right down the street next to Walmart and Giant, there is a KB Toyworks. They are within a mile of each other. The only Star Wars items the outlet store has are some EP1 Darth Mauls and Commtech Readers ($3).

    I'm glad I bought that last line of POTJ online because I have never Teebo/BoShek wave in the stores around here. Hopefully, they will turn up on clearance somewhere like the POTF2 did.

    I doubt I'll be getting much hunting in the next 2 weeks since my mother in law is coming to visit. Although, she knows I like Star Wars...

    Most of my collection is open now, since there is no point in trying to keep the boxes in good condition. They are more fun that way too.
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    Rogue II
    I know the feeling with the box thing. So much of my stuff has been dinged and dented from all the Gov. moves it isn't funny. I have been re-imburst for some of it though:-) Now over 1/2 my collection is in boxes. This is due to me having no room to display my stuff. I had to give up my extra room for my new baby, but I am not disappointed in it. Someday I will have a whole basement or large room to display all my stuff and THEN I can open it up. It is just easier to buy it and then pack it away for later.
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    just got back from Rt 40 hunting. Nothing new at Catonsville Walmart, TRU, Kmart or Westview mall. The mall had a Anakins podracer for $7 and the KB's had a Teebo and R2 droid from the POTJ collection. Both were $7.99. They also had red helmet clone troopers. I have yet to see a Yoda:-(
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    Didn't realize we have a new thread here. Well, I haven't really had a chance to go hunting as often as I'd like. I have all but the six from wave 3. I also realllllllllllllllyyyyyyy want the TIE Bomber and Snowspeeder, as I am sure most everyone else wants, but cannot find.

    As far as variations go, I have all the background cards, with the exception of Dex, Geo Guard and one or two of the higher numbered figures. I have both R2 variations. But that's about it. I haven't found any variation of gun trays in Peasant Anakin or the different mole-faced Padmes. Haven't seen sticker variations and all that jazz like some of you. . .

    Jobare, any chance you got an extra TIE Bomber or Snowspeeder?

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    I found the 12" Mace Windu at toysrus Frederick. Has this been out since the 23rd?(i haven't been to a toysrus sicne then i found everything at my first stop). They also had alot of yodas, HD anakins, and i didn't check for dookus.

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    The Mace just hit the warehouse in Frederick (fREDneck:-) so the store there gets all the good stuff. All the other stores should have him on the shelf by the weekend.
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    Glad to hear from ya. I was starting to get worried. Anyways, i passed on both the Tie bomber and the Snowspeeder, not once, not twice, but three times. I've decided to try and concentrate on the figs from now on. Getting expensive. But now that i know you need them, I'll keep an eye open. With my luck lately, I should come across one or two. Same here on the background figs. Just missing Dexter and Geo Warrior. Found the Padme with the mole on her face. Actually found three of them but only wanted one. Still haven't seen anymore of the Luminara w/o any tape over "Removable" or "Cloak", glad I grabbed the one when I did.

    As for an area report. The only "new" thing I found was the 12" Mace at the Pot. Mills TRU.

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    Just got back from TRU Frederick. They had a bunch of Mace's, thanks Jedikmg. I also found one Count Dooku. I didn't look very good, so there could be another. Plenty of Yoda's and Hanger Duel Anakins. They also had the last three POTJ waves. Not too bad. They get the good stuff first because the Distribution Warehouse is right around the corner.

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    The Laurel TRU has a ton of Yodas and Dooku's. I was there about 8PM tonight.
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    I was at the KB in the Fashion Center in Pentagon City. They had a bunch of 12" AOTC. As for the regular AOTC, I didn't really look for Dooku or Yoda, sorry, but they had 3 FX7 and 6 each of the Queen Decoy (Black) and Theed Invasion Amadala (Red). They were going for $6.99. Deluxe Leia and Amanaman were marked down to $6.50.

    I also went across the street to Borders. I picked up the Action Figure Archive for $4. It is a pretty cool book.
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